Chapter 18 – Increasing Allies And Off To The Next Journey!

Chapter 18 Increasing Allies And Off To The Next Journey!

Chapter link: (2015/10/17)

Translation: twomorefreethoughts / TpstT (2018/11/20)

Editor: Keii (2020/02/19)

Translation link:


Update 1: MC uses a particular form of “I” when he’s speaking as Ruphas. It’s something that could/would be used by emperors but are not limited to just them. MC doesn’t use “I” as an emperor would but uses it moreso to portray the natural significance of his own character (he’s really just role playing as a great being, not an emperor). I will continue to use the normal “I”.


-Chapters 17-19 purged on 2020 April 26 due to the series getting licenced.-

-Alternative translation of this chapter: HERE

-Table of content for other chapters: HERE


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17 thoughts on “Chapter 18 – Increasing Allies And Off To The Next Journey!

  1. Our MC is a whale, an addict and an RNG god… No wonder he’s OP ^^;;

    And Libra’s skill is as broken as it gets (/>.<)/.

    The author must have been like, what’s considered broken in games?
    Ignore all defence? – check, definitely include that
    Flat rate damage? – Check, also include that
    What if people dodge? Ehh… Oh, I have an easy solution to that, just make it a 100% hit rate! – easy, let me include that
    This should be enough no? Oh, I’ll just add an Area of Effect so that there’s collateral damage!
    And done, I’ve just created a balanced skill :’)

    I love it, lol

    Liked by 3 people

    1. the similarity of me with him as gamer is only the ‘addict’ one…. 😥
      RNG goddess hate me to the bone, and just a clownfish on the sea of whales…

      power of MC….


  2. Whoa, you got another chapter out super fast! (at least, fast in my opinion anyway.)

    As for grammatical errors and typos… very few. I’ll point out the one typo that stood out to me. The rest is, as the same with the first chapter, a job well done!

    Typo : Specie: Rainbow Sheep => Species: Rainbow Sheep (Missed the s at the end of Species)

    Thanks for the translated chapter!


  3. Thank you for the chapter! I’ll just point out something that I noticed.

    “It’s not that I support raiding the tomb of the diseased but, countless weapons saved in your tomb is something that could give mankind the chance for a comeback.”

    diseased –> deceased
    but, countless weapons –> deceased, but the countless weapons saved (or maybe stored) could give mankind..


  4. Wow, nice. Thanks for the chappie!

    So, the truth is, I have translated chap 19 (11 to 19, actually) and I think it’s better to give it to you. Tell me how do I contact you further.


      1. I’m not exactly translating it, I did these chapters when Shurim was on the 10th chapter, basically translated it for my own interest. Anyway, let’s continue on discord.


  5. Ah, I’m sorry about that part. It’s probably had waned a lot. => It probably had waned a lot.

    “Am I a furniture!?” => “Am I furniture!?”

    As I side note, => As a side note,

    Thank you for everything. I love this story!


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