Chapter 19 – I Let Mars Go, Bye Bye, Mars

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Author Note:

(゜д゜ )< ‘Tis iz fine ‘Tis iz fine ‘Tis iz fine ‘Tis iz fine

ノヽノ |

<Main Character OP>  < <TS>  <Fanciful MMO> <Many idolising subordinates>

Professional Booby Trappers wake up early.

Also laying booby traps today, waiting with the scope to blast the readers.

(TLN: Author you’re drunk, singing all these nonsense about scoping and blowing us apart :’))




I tied my hair into a ponytail at the top of my head and put on fake glasses.

Even with just this, the impression I give off changed a lot.

As for my clothing, I changed out of my usual white dress into a white tunic and black slacks, then proceeded to put on the crimson mantle like before.

But unlike before I didn’t cover my whole body and just wore it casually.

Lastly, Dina hid my wings by wrapping a bandage around them.

Mysteriously, the wings could no longer be seen to the point that people would not even realise I was a flugel.

The bandage was a camouflage item that Megrez had synthesised and prepared for me.

Apparently, there was a [Stealth] magic enchanted on it, and any part that is wrapped by it would blend into the surrounding and would become invisible and unable to be seen.

He gifted it to me together with the clothing after saying [It’s probably uncomfortable to move around as before], and I’m really appreciative of that.


“Hmm, how is it Megrez? Does it suit me?”

“Yeah, whatever you wear suits you well.”


Thanks to Megrez, I was unexpectedly freed from my self-bondage play.

No, honestly I wasn’t expecting him to help out this much.

From his point of view, I’m his sworn enemy from the past who had suddenly resurrected, and it would be normal for him to act with hostility.

But instead, from the fact that he is giving me support like this, I’m overly thankful for it that I should start suspecting if this is actually a trap or not.


“Hey Ruphas”


“You… are you guys not spiteful of us?

At that time, without a doubt, you guys were in such an ideal place that you could have reached a utopia any moment.

The ideal world you were aiming for was right around the corner.

And the ones that ruined all of that is us who betrayed you… you, do you not detest us for that?”


I pondered on what Megrez just said for a bit.

I really don’t feel hateful or anything of that sort, and there really isn’t a reason for me to feel that way.

Because to me, that fight was nothing more than a game, and not something that I experienced firsthand.

That’s why instead of answering the question, I decided to give him a response in my own way.


“If I suffer a rebellion by my own subjects, it simply means I wasn’t suited to being a king. If you guys decided you were dissatisfied with me, it also simply means I wasn’t capable enough as a ruler and a vassal for you all. There is not a single reason for me to be hateful of you guys.”


I continued checking my own appearance on the mirror by taking various poses from a different angle.

Yep, this is pretty good.

It’s easy to move in, and more than anything, this is not haughty.

Due to the bombshell appearance of my character, it’s inevitable that I will stand out but it’s 10 times better than being a suspicious person covered in a bright red mantle.


“That’s why you should stop blaming yourself. Honestly, it’s too painful to look at.”


Ruphas was the invader, and he was the hero that defeated her.

That’s all there is to it 200 years ago, and it’s fine that way.

It’s always the winner that creates the age. (TLN: …. Doflamingo is that you!?!? – quote video / quote image)

As such, the moment I lost, I no longer had the qualification to say anything, neither do I feel like saying anything.

Therefore, if the winning side keeps suffering, it really feels unsettling.


“For the citizens of this country, you’re a hero.

Be dignified. Just like 200 years ago.”

“I’ll painfully accept that warning. …… thank you.”


The warmth of a small smile returns to his face.

I’m sure with this strict personality he’ll continue to ponder, but I think it should at least be better than before.

If anything, it should be this side that should apologise. Especially the trap sheep that’s hiding in the corner.

But Aries has stubbornly said [I’m don’t want to apologise to someone that betrayed my master] and has not said a single apology to Megrez yet.


“Now then, it’s about time for me to leave.

Levia whom Aries weakened should be fine with that.”

“I appreciate it. The current I would not have been able to restore the lost max HP.”


Aries’s attack had decreased Levia’s maximum HP but given water; the material which constitutes its body, restoration was possible.

That being said, even if it was possible for Megrez to restore Levia, it was impossible him for him to fully restore it to the previous state, that was the portion I helped out with.

But to be able to fully recover with just water is quite convenient, isn’t it?

Anyways, in regards to Levia, there should be no problem with this.




“… have a good journey”

“No need to say it.”


Receiving Megrez’s encouragement, I unintentionally smiled.

I then waved my hands, leaving Megrez’s house behind.

I proceeded straight leaving the Noble District and walked into the Commercial district.

In the middle of the way, I spotted the character-defining bald head Gants and decided to take a short detour to say goodbye.



“Nnn? O, ow! What a babe!?

L, Lady-san, do you require anything from me?”

“Hey hey, what’s with that way of speech after all this time.

Look, it’s me. It’s Ru – Saphur. Wasn’t I under your care when I came to the city.”

“….eh? Eh, eeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh!?”


Gants was lost for words when I said that, then following on with a surprised cry the next moment.

Oh yeah, I hadn’t shown my face to Gants yet.

I guess I screwed up a little there, as I thought so, as we are leaving Svalinn Country now anyways so it doesn’t really matter too much.


“Su, when you say Saphur you mean that suspicious red mantle!?

You were actually this much of a beauty!?”

“Hahaha, don’t praise me, don’t.

I just thought I’ll come and say goodbye because we decided to leave the country.”

“We are indebted to you Gants-san. We’re returning to our journey.”


I laughed towards the surprised Gants, while Dina says her parting words.

Aries is…. Maybe feeling responsible, hid behind my back and didn’t even show his face.

He’s completely acting like a small animal, this guy.


“O, ow, I see. You’re going already.

Both of you… and that cute looking small girl, all take care ok.”

“This is a guy you know.”

“For real!?”

“Hahaha. Well then, Gants.

If fate strings us together, let’s meet again.”

“A, Ah…

Saphur…. Never mind, it’s nothing. Be well! Take care!”


After saying farewell to Gants, we left Svalinn.

Gants looked like he wanted to ask me something at the end but, he didn’t end asking anything.

He most probably wanted to ask about me blowing Aries away, but thinking about the possible complexity behind the circumstances for us, had decided not to.

Either that or, perhaps he had an inkling as to my identity.

Whichever it is, he was a good guy. I hope he lives a long life.


“So, Dina. You said the destination is approximate 500km from here but, what do you plan to do? I don’t mind walking there.”

“Yes, I have a proposal! How about making a golem that can transport us?”

“What, you don’t want to walk?”

“Of course not! It’s tiring!”


Once we leave Svalinn, it’s a never-ending grassland.

There seem to be a road-looking thing made, but walking on that the whole time might be quite depressing.

Though, the current I will never tire from something like walking, so the experience on its own might be something I could enjoy.

And above all else, to journey this distance by foot, isn’t there some charm to it?

But Dina doesn’t like it huh, she requested for me to make a golem.


What I’ve learnt since coming to this world is, Golem isn’t as mindless as it was back in the game and thus to a certain degree it’s more flexible.

For example, in the game, it’ll arbitrary to attack the enemy and mindlessly continue its attack, but in this world, something like Levia could properly follow Megrez’s direction and could act quite intelligently.

Furthermore, there’s no restriction to the shape it could take, which means if I shape it like a car, it could act as an automatically driving vehicle.

So if it’s a question of whether Dina’s request is possible or not, the answer is easily possible.


“Fumm, I guess I shall try making it.”

“While you’re at it so that we don’t have to sleep outdoors, why don’t you put beds and baths at once.”


Dina just casually made a grade-up request.

I was thinking about to make a convertible car out of whim, but at this rate, it’ll become a Camper car.

When I glanced at Aries, although he was usually unassertive, this time he was staring at me with great anticipation.

I suppose he was curious as to what I was going to make.


“Well, I’ll try…”


Firstly, in regards to the iron used to make the majority of the car, I can just use the minerals in the rocks lying in the surroundings as material.

As for the furniture, I can think about that later on.

For the bath, I will build a separate room, it should be fine if I create a cauldron bath later.

Or rather, the bath in this world is normally a cauldron bath.

There’s no way a convenient contemporary bath could exist, and I don’t know about the specifics enough to be able to recreate it.

As for the bed… I can shape the framework using those trees over there, but the problem is the mattress and the bed cover to lay on top of it.

Those alone, I can’t use the trees and rocks in the environment, nor the concreates or irons developed from them.

If only there were cotton or feathers it’ll be different but….


“…. Oh”

“? What’s wrong Ruphas-sama? Is there something on my face…”


There’s one nearby, cotton.

OK, I’ll ask Aries to turn into a sheep later on so I can shave some wool from him.

Although you cannot say there are sufficient materials, there’s at least a minimum required amount.

With this, we can make something decent.




Firstly, I transmuted the minerals in the rocks into an iron.

Both the transmutation of materials and transmutating them into a different material is part of the basic ability of an alchemist.

However, the level of the profession class determines what you can transmute and in the initial stage, sometimes, you cannot transmute one material to another.

Someone like Mizar with the profession level at 200 could grab some rock and casually transmute them into a legendary tier material so it can be quite terrifying.

Since I have stopped levelling it at 100, I can’t go that far.


I then re-transmute the iron into a camping car.

That being said, I’m not particularly familiar with the specifics of the cars, therefore, it really is just the shape of the car.

The movement is left entirely to the golem, there isn’t even a driver’s seat.

Next, I transmute the glass with the sand in the surrounding, attaching it as the window.

I made several wards inside and installed a big pot in one of them to serve as the Cauldron bath.

While I’m at it I guess I’ll make a kitchen. I can’t make something fancy like an electronic stove though.

It’s antiquated, a kitchen that’s fitting of this world’s civilization’s advancement.


“Next is…. Aries, turn back to sheep for a bit.”


“I’m going to use your wool”


If you consider the size of Aries in his sheep form it’s really a small amount, furthermore, it will naturally grow back.

I jump onto the top of Aries when he turned back to sheep form after being told so, then proceeded to cut some wool with a small dagger then making it into a material for futon (TLN: thin mattress used in Japan).

If you think about it using this world’s standard, it’ll be a horrifyingly luxurious and fluffy bed.

While I was at it, I build a wooden chair and placed a cushion made out of Aries’s wool.


“Yosh, I guess this is enough for now.”


There are many things that are inadequate but, we can buy those later in some city.

All in all, as long as it runs, it’s fine.

Here, since it’s a good situation, let’s check out at its stats.

Ah, I also need to give it a name too.

Like Gun_am or Ge_ter, something like that.

Now then, how should I name this guy?

I don’t want it to be too Airy, but it also can’t be something that’s easily forgotten….


… What a hassle. Let’s go with Tanaka.



Level: 200

Species: Artificial being

HP: 12 000

SP: 0

STR (Strength/Attack Power): 555

DEX (Dexterity): 120

VIT (Vitality): 658

INT (Intelligence): 9

AGI (Agility/Speed): 1020

MND (Mindpower): 75

LUK (Luck): 100


Apparently, the shape of the golem determines the ups and downs of the status.

This wasn’t a possible concept back in the game.

Since I made it into the shape of the car, the speed stat had somehow stretched a lot.


That being said because this AGI refers to [Agility] that decides the speed in the battle and not the speed of the movement, this high numerical value doesn’t mean it’ll travel fast.

Well, even with that, if this car and I have a race, I’m confident I will win.


“Wow, as expected of Ruphas-sama. This’ll be an easy trip.”


What a self-interested person, Dina starts to praise me instead of complaining.

Matching that, Aries is nodding, but since it’s a pure and straightforward praise, I’ll accept it.

But you need to turn back quickly. With that size, just nodding creates an amazing wind pressure.

Entering inside, I order the camping car to [Head towards North].

Soon after, it’s as if it understood what was said and the car started moving.

With this, we should be able to proceed to our destination considerably comfortably.


“Ah, that’s right. I’ll procure the necessary furniture.

I’m going to teleport around a bit and buy them, so please wait for a little bit.”


Saying so, Dina didn’t even wait for my response and just vanished.

It is convenient as usual, that [Teleportation] magic. I’m really envious.

Or rather, it’s a bit late now but, I should have just flown when we were heading to Svalinn since Dina can just teleport.

Because even if I leave Dina behind, she can just come teleporting.

Anyways, it’s too late now and currently, we have Aries so we can’t even do that anymore.

Yare-yare, why do I always notice things afterwards when it’s too late.

I really am out of it…..


Well, whatever.

For now, I think I’ll fiddle with the interior a bit.




“Haa…. Haaa….!”

At the boot of the Geyr Volcano.

There, one young boy was dragging his injured body, crawling whilst leaving a trail of blood behind.

Just 1 hit – as if repelling an annoying bug, he had received that one attack only.

But even so, he couldn’t even stand up.

Crawling like an insect in a sorry state, as if desperately running away from an opponent who had long left the scene.


“Ru, Ruphas Mafahl is…. The one and the only devil that person is scared of came back…. Ahh, this is a nightmare…. Something like this, something like this can’t….”


It was fortunate that he was level 300.

And because Ruphas had paid no heed to him, and only handled him noncommittally, that was the only possible explanation as to the reason he was able to escape with his life.

Didn’t even consider his existence. Indeed it was the greatest humiliation.

Nevertheless, without a doubt, it was his greatest fortune. Right now, because of that, he is still alive.


Although, that fortune didn’t last long.


“ – Oh my. You’re still alive?”


He heard a chilling cold voice that’s clearly looking down on him.

Mars with his unresponsive body desperately turned towards the direction of the voice, standing there was one person. The blue haired young girl was standing there.

Her face could not be seen due to the backlight, her plain white dress for some reason seemed like a luxurious dress.

Is this what you call “grace”?

Or perhaps it should be called as “presence”.

In any case, this girl possessed something mysterious along those words.

But that face – no, the outline of the mouth distorted as if drawing a half crescent smile, it is full of joy.


“It’s no good you know. An actor who had completed their role must properly exit the stage.

A piece who had already been defeated can’t reappear later and start taking measures. No one wants something like that.

If you finish your role, you leave. That’s the rule of the game.”

“Y, You’re….! What are you exactly….”


The girl laughs cutely at the poor clown who had finished playing his role.

She had no intention to answer the question of the young boy.

[Pleasant memory for the afterlife], there’s some phrase like that but she is not going to give such a troublesome respectful service like that.

Just promptly, beautifully.

Just like weeding out a grass, to just erase this mistake with its death.

What was inside the girl was just this cruel mentality.


“Goodbye, Mars. Pitiful, pitiful NPC.”


– a few seconds later. The boy no longer existed there.

He had disappeared without trace as if he had never existed in the first place, not even a single strand of hair remained.

And the girl who made such a thing happened, was also nowhere to be found in that place.




(Author Note)

Impression A “If you think in terms of internet games (MMO) Megrez’s word is, begging a retiring high player for their things”

Megrez “!?”

Impression B “Yea really shameless”

Megrez “!!?”

Impression C “I can’t believe that Megrez that proudly uses the reason that humanoids requires it to promote raiding the tomb of the deceased.”

Megrez “…………………….”


Megrez “(*´Д`)more, please…. Abuse me more, despise me more, please……. Only the stabbing, sharp contempt and disdain from the direction of the Supreme Ruler’s supporters let me feel the sin I’ve committed and dims my conscience… haha”

Ruphas “… urrgg”


( ´∀`)Good evening everyone. I’m M87 Lightline (M87光線).

For now, Aries Arc comes to a finish here, next we’re entering Libra Arc.

But because half the stock has been used up, the update from now will slow down, I’m thinking to 2 release per week.

If you don’t mind this slow release, please continue to support me.

Well then, let’s meet again next time.

(Author Note end)


(TLN: And no, the author’s note doesn’t affect the translation. The series has already concluded in Japan/raw so I’ll be uploading whenever my translation is done for the chapter. I hope you won’t mind my irregular release rate)


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  1. Once again, thanks for the translated chapter!

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  2. Thank you for the translation!!! i almost gave up hope on it after months of no translations.
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  3. So Dina is either the godess herself (disguised) or an agents of the godess who is here to make sure that Ruphas point her blade at the demon race. She also brought our mc from his world to merge with Ruphas (or possess her body) for the same reason if it was Ruphas alone i believe that even with mankind on the brink of extinction she would do nothing as she already is “defeated”, she would probably do nothing only gathering her possesion (aries, libra and the other) and observing from a corner of the world. However if we add our Mc, then will he really do nothing considering that what he though was ‘just a game”, “a staged fight” in his world, ended up with such heavy consequences.

    Albeit i’am not sure the godess planed for the merging/or absorption of memory(feelings) from the body, she probably wanted him to be in control just like in the game instead we have a third Rhupas Mafahl not the gamer, not the ruler, but a new one.

    Also please correct “Saphuru” to “Saphur” like the original translator, those half-assed translated names just pissed me off, one of the reasons why i think the manga is bad is the translator choice to use Rahpusu Malhfusu as a name for the mc and that’s just disgusting.

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    2. Thank you, as for the reason why i dislike names like these is because it fell like someone is writing the phonetic and not the names and it just irk me.

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    And the ones that ruined all that is us who betrayed you… you’re, do you not detest us for that?” => you do not detest us for that?”


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