Chapter 19 – I Let Mars Go, Bye Bye, Mars

Chapter 19 – I Let Mars Go, Bye Bye, Mars

Chapter link: (2015/10/18)

Translation: twomorefreethoughts / TpstT (2018/11/21) + Mabo

Editor: Keii (2020/03/06)

Translation link:


TLN: Special thanks to Mabo for providing his draft translation for Chapter 19 and 20. I was able to compare and match with the way he wrote it and it really saved me time. Please give him support at


-Chapters 17-19 purged on 2020 April 26 due to the series getting licenced.-

-Alternative translation of this chapter: HERE

-Table of content for other chapters: HERE


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14 thoughts on “Chapter 19 – I Let Mars Go, Bye Bye, Mars

  1. Once again, thanks for the translated chapter!

    Some more minor errors this time around, and again I’ll point out the ones that stood out to me.

    “character-defining bold head Gantz” => bold should be ‘bald’ in this case I believe?

    “Due to the bombshell appear of my character it’s evitable” => Double typo here : appear should be ‘appearance’ and ‘evitable’ should be ‘inevitable’.


  2. Thank you for the translation!!! i almost gave up hope on it after months of no translations.
    you have truly brightened my day!
    i noticed that the HandofVecna also started translating, but i have to say that i find your translation to be more adequate because HoF seems to rush the material and translate the gist of sentences shortly – though i am thankful to HoF as well.
    please don’t let the existence of other translators stop or bother you, because many times when a translator sees someone else translating the same material, they stop – which very often causes the material to be left untranslated for a very long time (often for years).
    so thank you for your attention and dedication!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So Dina is either the godess herself (disguised) or an agents of the godess who is here to make sure that Ruphas point her blade at the demon race. She also brought our mc from his world to merge with Ruphas (or possess her body) for the same reason if it was Ruphas alone i believe that even with mankind on the brink of extinction she would do nothing as she already is “defeated”, she would probably do nothing only gathering her possesion (aries, libra and the other) and observing from a corner of the world. However if we add our Mc, then will he really do nothing considering that what he though was ‘just a game”, “a staged fight” in his world, ended up with such heavy consequences.

    Albeit i’am not sure the godess planed for the merging/or absorption of memory(feelings) from the body, she probably wanted him to be in control just like in the game instead we have a third Rhupas Mafahl not the gamer, not the ruler, but a new one.

    Also please correct “Saphuru” to “Saphur” like the original translator, those half-assed translated names just pissed me off, one of the reasons why i think the manga is bad is the translator choice to use Rahpusu Malhfusu as a name for the mc and that’s just disgusting.

    But that’s just my opinion so…vote people i guess ?
    Pleave vote to get rid of those…things i can’t see how anyone could think that it sound good T_T.


    1. Noted, it’s been changed.

      [Small unnecessary information you probably don’t care about xD]
      Ruphas is written as [ルファス] – Literally pronounced/written as Lu – Pha – Su
      The alias [スファル] – is just flipped as Su – Pha – Lu

      I checked the original translation and had originally decided to use Pha instead of ph because of this reason. I’ll write it as ph if there is any in the future.

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    2. Thank you, as for the reason why i dislike names like these is because it fell like someone is writing the phonetic and not the names and it just irk me.

      As for my guess being wrong, with the current information on hand that’s the most logical scenario i can think off. i hope the answer’s not something like “this guys is the mastermind, this guys whom you have never heard about at all during the story…why…cause i said so !” that would spoil a great story.

      As for Dina i can only says that ever since her first appearance i found her weird and that feeling only got more and more pronounced as she got more familliar with the mc.


  4. Thanks again!

    And the ones that ruined all that is us who betrayed you… you’re, do you not detest us for that?” => you do not detest us for that?”


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