Chapter 17 – Aries, Get!

Chapter link: (16/10/2015)

Translation: twomorefreethoughts / TpstT (18-11-2018)

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Edit: 20-11-2018 Changed 7 Planetary to 7 Luminaries to match with the manga’s translation.

TL Introduction: Hello fellow readers, Tp here! I read “A Wild Last Boss Appeared” sometime last year and had really enjoyed the series as a whole; I particularly liked the part where it was succinct with 190 chapters + epilogue yet still managed to tell a story that was wild enough yet still kept plot holes to a minimum. Since I have some free time during the New Year’s break I thought I would like to share the wild experience with others.

Disclaimer: I’m just another fan trying to translate a series that I enjoyed. I don’t have much experience in translating novels, nor am I great at either English or Japanese (I’ve only studied little bit of Japanese in the past); if anything I plan to use this translation project to try and improve my English itself. I DON’T plan to use machine translation but will probably be using a fair chunk of dictionary here and there when I don’t know what particular words or phrases mean, so if there are puns, jokes or slangs by the author I’m afraid I probably will not be able to bring out the effect that the author intended.

I will try and stick with the literal translation as much as possible, only changing a little if the literal translation will not make sense. If there is anything I don’t understand I will try my best to try and figure it out, or leave a (Japanese text) after the translated version of what I took it to mean. If there is an error in the translation, website or even in my sentence structures themselves (or anything else for that matter) please let me know in the comments below or DM me on discord and I will try my best to fix them.

Extra: I currently don’t have a release schedule but if I ever come up with one I’ll let you know. Many readers continuing from Shurim’s high-quality translation might be disappointed in my version but I hope you will give me support! – I assume by now you guys skipped this stupidly long introduction so let’s get into the translation.

Request: Please consider whitelisting the website from adblock apps, I will really appreciate it, thank you >.<



I took the clasps off my overcoat and spread my wings. I felt the sense of freedom instantaneously.

I don’t think I can ever come to like the feeling of restraining myself with my own wings. Well no, I suppose anyone that would like it would be a weirdo.

Now then, something was making a lot of noise and mucking around me so I ended up punching the punk but, is this the “guy in the background controlling Aries” that Megrez was talking about?

Honestly, he wasn’t really strong so I’m can’t be sure but, I guess even a small-fry can instigate a conflict.

… ahh…, he named himself as one of the 7 Luminaries didn’t he?


“7 Luminaries, huh? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that before.”

“I’ll explain!”

While I was wondering out loud, Dina teleported in as if she was just waiting for the queue.

Hmm, you know, what’s it. I really appreciate that but, isn’t explaining things becoming your hobby lately?


“7 Luminaries is a title given by the demonkin to 7 individuals who are at General tier, this system arose 80 years ago. Currently, excluding the Demon King and his son, calling them the most powerful of the demonkin wouldn’t be an overstatement.”

“… With just this? From what it looks like, they’re only around level 300.”

“It just means the quality of demonkin is also dropping. Sure humanoids lost against the Demon King but, demonkin also wasn’t unscathed. They also lost most of the capable individuals. Otherwise, the world would already be destroyed you know.”


Ah, that makes sense. One of my doubt was dispelled. I was previously thinking “how is the balance being maintained”, but if I think about it properly, my stance on thinking [demonkin’s combat ability remained as it previously was] itself is wrong.

Assuming all that high-level players, as well as average level players, existed in this world, and there was a battle that could wipe them all out, I suppose it’s not all that strange that the other side also suffered significantly.

…. Hmm? Would it be that?

Perhaps currently in this world, only the Demon King-san can fight with me?


“By the way, Ruphas-sama, aren’t you going to finish them off? It seems like you didn’t even kill a single monster.”

“Hmm? Ahh…. Regarding that, it’s not in my taste to kill off the monsters who were only being used for no reason. My enemy is, after all, only the demonkins.”

As I say that, I slightly moved my finger. When I did, countless swords which were lying on the floor after I previously scattered the monsters all disappeared at once. It really was an effort to clean up that didn’t make much of a difference in the end.


“What are you going to do with the monsters? Now that they’ve lost their master, you can return them to the wild but there’s no guarantee they won’t attack people.”

“I’ve thought about that as well…. [Capture]!”

I activated the basic yet unique skill of the monster tamer class, [Capture]. The effect of the skill is to add with some chance, any monster under the HP below a certain threshold or otherwise knocked out under my control. (TLN: Both this part and the title is a reference to Pokemon)

The number of monsters I can capture at once and the chance of success are based on the level of the class, and at my level, I can capture about 10 at once. With this number, I will have to repeat it over 50 times but there was something else I wanted to test out. It was a loophole that was definitely impossible back in the game, yet at the same time, it was something that the NPC was doing as if it was common sense. (TLN: NPC (i.e. Non-Playable Character) is pretty much gaming term for characters in the game controlled by the AI or the game itself, or in another word, not controlled by another player in real life, it could be used to mean a support character, background character or enemy character depending on the context)

This guy called Mars should also have been controlling the monsters using the monster tamer skill just like me. Such being the case, if he can do it then there’s no reason I can’t. This isn’t a game so the concept such as [its game breaking so only the NPC can use it] shouldn’t exist.

In another word… I can think of the monsters not as “individual monsters” but as a “single hoard”!


[Hoard of Monster]

Level: **

Specie: **

HP: ****

SP: ****

STR (Strength/Attack Power): ***

DEX (Dexterity): ***

VIT (Vitality): ***

INT (Intelligence): ***

AGI (Agility/Speed): ***

MND (Mind power): ***

LUK (Luck): ***


… It was possible but, what the hell is this? All the displays seem like it’s bugged. I wonder if the numbers are just not showing because the stats are different for each individual monster. With this, I really can’t figure out the precise strength of the hoard.

But [Capture] succeeded normally and I felt all the defeated monsters being added under my control. All I have to do now is to order all these monsters to not randomly attack people and send them back to where they came from.

As a side note, I don’t plan to take them around with me. If I walk around with this many monsters, it’s too eye-catching.


“Well then, all that’s remaining is you – Aries”

I moved my line of sight a little… to Aries who was staring at my direction. What I saw was an expression of shock and disbelief. It was the face which portrayed I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Well, it’s not like I couldn’t understand why.

Someone that was supposed to have been dead for 200 years just waltzed in. I would have wanted to say, after all that you still had the guts to show up? But, I acted as if I didn’t notice, and went towards Aries.

“What happened Aries. Can you not believe what are you seeing with your own eyes? Or you are doubting it to be someone with cunning resemblance?”

“… u…. a…..!”


Now then, I wonder how Aries would react. If he would quite down with just this, it’s fine. If he says something like “You’re fake!”, it would be a bit troublesome. Honestly, I’m not too good at persuading others by talking to them.

Even if my status’s INT (Intelligence) is high, it, in fact, represents my memory and ability to remember (learn) and such, it does not represent my wit or ability to argue.

In another word, I may have what seems like an intelligence similar to having a photographic memory, such that if I experience something once I will never forget, but it doesn’t mean I became wittier than before.

“No way, da… Ruphas-sama is, should be dead…! Suddenly now, to delude…!” (TLN: semi-robotic speech pattern)

“I’m not trying to fool you”

Well, there’s a small question as to whether I’m really a “pure and real” Ruphas herself. But this body is without a doubt Ruphas herself, and her will remains within it.

So I must be Ruphas Mafahl. I have no conviction but I feel something that suggests it so. So I’ll say this.

“I am without a doubt Ruphas Mafahl herself. I’m not someone that’s look-a-like nor shapeshifting. This is neither a hallucination, apparition nor a dream. If you still can’t believe after all that – how about it, do you want to find out using your body?”

As I say that, I cracked my joints. The clearest proof of Ruphas being Ruphas. That is, she is strong. Her look, her wings, and her speech pattern, everything can be learnt and mimicked. But her “strength” alone is something that cannot be copied, something that cannot be mimicked. I curled my finger, as I provoked Aries.


“Come Aries. I shall test whether you have grown or not over the past 200 years myself. And you shall learn to believe. That I am in fact without a doubt, me, myself.”


Aries made a roar that was filled with intent, as if a spirited and motivated war cry. (TLN: Like a roar scene from the Lion King… but replace that with a sheep) With just the roar, the air shakes, and feeling of the skin tingling with pressure is conveyed. I am by no means a battle junkie. In truth, I’ve never even had a proper fight with anyone before.

Ahh, but the elation is there. Right now, I am definitely feeling the high, the happiness. For the first time since coming to this world, I have the feeling I can “have a fight”.




Aries utilising the weight of his body charges at me. It’s a scene where I normally should be shaking in fear. Yet, I felt myself smile. It’s as if a lost puppy had finally found its owner and was jumping into its embrace… I felt that sense from Aries. As such, there was only one action that I could take.

“Hmm, even after 200 years you still have the habit to want to be spoiled. That’s fine too, I shall give you the hug that you want.”

I flew up and stuck out one of my arms, stopping Aries’s charge. The charge had a fair force behind it. There was a loud sound as if an explosion had happened, and my body was carried backwards. Not even I can stay where I was without my feet on the ground but mid-air is the true battleground of a Flugel.

I spread my wings and moved forward. With just this not only was Aries stopped, but I was also able to push back and put both my hands on his head.


“A cute thing”

It was a strange feeling. I could not see this monstrous sheep bigger than 100m as anything other than a puppy trying to act cute for attention. Or would it be closer to still loving it after it had grown large? Either way, it seems like I could not come to dislike him.

Having said that, there is still the size issue. It could not be helped that this skin-ship felt a little stuffy.

“And there!”

I put some strength in my arms and lifted Aries up.

I lifted him up above my head as if he was a pet and lightly threw him. A giant sheep was dancing in the air. He then slammed into the ground making a crater which greatly shook the surroundings.

This is not the end. You’re not finished with just this. Isn’t that right Aries?

“Next move Aries. You don’t have to hold back, come at me without reservation.”

I as provoked him, Aries gestured back with a roar. The hairs on his body stood up, changing his body into a rainbow coloured flames. This is his ultimate skill; [Mesarthim], which he used to torture Levia.

It’s easy to block it…. But, I guess I’ll take it head-on.

[Be eh eh eh eh e e e e e e h!!] (TLN: err… sorry I think this is supposed to be an onomatopoeia for the sound sheep makes but the raw made like look like a goat’s… so… idk)


Using his burning body as an embodiment of flame, Aries charges at me. This time, I use both hands from the very beginning to stop him. Suddenly, the palm of my hands felt the warmth, it was as if the heat of the mid-summer suddenly attacked me.

Hmm, I see now. Even if I take this embodiment of flame head on, I merely feel it as a warmth of summer heat.

Even I feel like I, myself is a cheap cheat.

Having said that, what’s hot is hot. There’s barely any damage but, if this lasts for a long time perhaps I might end up having something like a heatstroke. I guess I should just release it.

“Take this.”

Again, I threw Aries and slam him into the ground. Now that it’s done, it’s my turn. Aries was still donning the flame throughout his body, but for me, this is no different from the summer heat. And it’s not hot to the degree where I can’t move my body. If anything it’s the warmth just perfect for some workout. In another word, there’s almost no problem at all.

“I guess…. I’ll give him a pat once in a while”


I flew above his head and I gave his enormous head a “pat”. With this Aries’s head slammed into the ground and bounced back with excessive vigour. Next, as if to stroke him, I tapped his chin, flinging him up into the air. Following that, I grabbed Aries and spun him around me, then stroking his belly. Well, by stroke I meant using just enough force to shatter the ground behind his back.

“So, what do you think? Can you still not believe that it’s me? Aries.”

“U, u u, u….”


As I say that to Aries as his body rose up, he started making a low rumbling sound.

Maybe there’s a need to give him some more love and care?

As I was thinking that, I was given a surprise attack.

Aries suddenly became small and human-shaped and jumped into my chest.

“*sob*, I’m sorry Ruphas-samaaaaaaa!!!”

Aries(?) suddenly started hugging me who was frozen in confusion and started sobbing like a baby. From my estimate, the height was probably around 155-160cm. The long hair going all the way to his waist and its colour…. What the hell is this? Looking from a different angle gives me a different colour. Is this even real?

Its limbs were thin and its main body was wearing a white robe. No, it’s more accurate to say, it seemed like the moment he became human shaped he seemed naked but Dina instantaneously appeared behind him and seemed to put on a white robe in an instant.

Now that I looked at Dina, she was making what looks to be a very satisfied face whilst giving a thumbs up.

You…. Aren’t you actually faster than 12 Heavenly Stars?


Anyways… this is…

I seem to recall tamer class had the skill to be able to give human form to the monsters. And I recall giving Aries a human form.

– Mizar was telling me “The current trend is TRAP” or something along that line. I ended up going by the flow and ended up editing Aries’s physical appearance to be that of a girl’s.

As a result, Aries’s human form ended up becoming a trap. (TLN: *facepalm*)

It’s one of my regrets from my past. Damn you Mizar.


Or more like didn’t Aries’s personality change too much? The pressure you were giving up until a moment ago suddenly disappeared. Or is it that this is your actual personality, and the previous you were the one that was off. Anyways, I’ll unattach him from me and…. Ugh… what the! There’s snot all over me!?

“Hey, stop crying. You, even after 200 years you’re still a crybaby?”

“B, bu, but…. *cry*, *cry*…. *sobbbbbbbbbbbbbbb*!!”

“Aaaaaaaa! I get it, I get it so! I’m sorry I made you worried!”


In the end, after all this, I ended up having to calm down a crying child and had to wait over 20 minutes before Aries stopped crying. As a side note, after the first 5 minutes, Dina got bored and ended up disappearing to somewhere else.

And you still call yourself an adviser?


Extra: by the Author (TLN: Author adds something extra at the end of every chapter – think of it as a skit)

(TLN2: After flicking through them/reading them…. Honestly… I don’t think if I’m going to be translating these because these are mostly jokes or skits and I can’t understand them, let alone translate them. If I ever have free time I might attempt them but otherwise, I’m sorry but… I can’t translate what I can’t understand >.<)


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  1. So, in regards to this part:

    As I say that, I slightly moved my finger. When I did, countless swords which were lying on the floor after I previously scattered the monsters all disappeared at once. Disassembly that really doesn’t help, I guess. (TL: I’m not sure about this line, it doesn’t seem to make sense in the context. If anyone knows what it means please lmk “練成ならぬ分解、てとこかな。”)

    I think that basically what he’s trying to say is, “I removed all the swords to make things less messy. But considering how messy the battlefield still was it didn’t really help.”

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    1. -TLDL: at the bottom-
      Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll add a brief explanation and a question at the start of the chapter to see what people prefer.
      I actually considered using we, but I thought it wasn’t quite at that level yet (sorry, even though I analogised to the emperor’s speech), There’s so many “I” in Japanese, it can be quite confusing to match up everything.

      Commonly used ones;
      Watashi / Watakushi = Common, more soft-spoken, more feminine but can be used gender-neutrally, go-to-word for women, used in business/formal aspect by both gender etc
      Atashi = Slightly altered version of Watashi, I’ve only ever heard this used by adolescent girls in school.
      Boku = Common, more soft-spoken, polite version of “I” that the male gender use. Go-to-word for younger boys, as well as an adult male is trying not to step out of line (though, often Watashi in a gender-neutral form is used instead)
      Ore = Common, masculine version of “I”. A bit more haughty than 3 so far. Go-to-word for most older male (honestly probably starting like primary school when “cooler boys” start wanting to look cool) It’s probably the most common “I” for male imo (don’t quote me on that). This is the version MC use to refer to himself when thinking.
      Washi / Wa: You often see this used by older generations, maybe like 3 or 4 generations back, especially by older (great-)grandfathers. Often used in theatrical plays or young children trying to show they’re acting like their old (great-)grandparents.

      -few others in between-

      Relating to the current context:
      Warawa (Ware) : a haughty version of female “I”, a user places themselves at the very top and sees others to be below them. (Boa Hancock, the Sea Empress from One Piece uses this version) -edit- apparently it was also used in a humbling way by the wives of a samurai.
      Yo: The “I” that’s used by MC when he’s speaking as Ruphas. The male counterpart of Warawa. Moreso than a King, it’s a form that is used to show their high position. The aristocratic system is a Western system but if there were Kings, Dukes, Earls, Counts, Marquis or those fictional haughty evil fat conglomerate merchants (*v*), I imagine Japanese translation would most likely use this one.

      This was the main reason I had mentioned I couldn’t find an English equivalent, but instead to imagine a way the Kings and Emperors speak.

      It’s something that could be used by the Emperors and the Kings but it’s also something that could be used by other individuals who put themselves above others.
      I don’t mean to justify my own translation but that’s exactly what it’s going to sound like when I say… In the context, I thought MC wasn’t using it to signify a position of an emperor but moreso in a way to portray the character to be greater than others in the surrounding. So I was little reluctant on using “We” or “Our”.

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    2. Woah! Thanks for the in dept explaination.

      I expected that it might be so, them not being quite equivalent, but thought it couldn’t hurt to direct you towards ‘royal we’ in case reading up on it would help your decision.


  2. Two comments:

    1) Way too many translation notes. Please reserve them for when you need to explain something the audience might not understand, not for justifying your translation choices or for commentary. Also, if you need to write a translation note to explain something, take another look at what you’re explaining to see if you could write or translate it in a different way such that it doesn’t require a note. For example, the translation note that says “Imagine a robot speaking” just tells me that you need to rewrite the sentence such that the concept of a robot speaking is conveyed. And if it isn’t conveyed perfectly, in this case it didn’t really need a translation note in the first place because you’re not explaining some meaning.

    2) It’s better to keep names and terms consistent with the existing translation, especially when you’re picking it up several chapters in. This doesn’t just apply to the “Planetary” thing (which has pluralization issues) but serves as general advice. In that specific case, pick one of the two existing terms, don’t introduce a third.


    1. 1) I’ll keep that in mind. I try my best to give the best meaning in the context but because neither English nor Japanese is my first language I sometime can’t come up with a better way to write things (I’m sorry about that).
      As for the robot context, you’re right I could probably have written it differently but I ended up sticking with a literal translation of what Aries said. It gives off a more robotic tone, whilst still being animatic in Japanese but unfortunately, I couldn’t convey that when I translated it.

      2) I’ll also keep this in mind. While I was translating, I cross-checked all the names, terms and categories from Shurim’s translation and the manga. I tried to stick with the version that already existed for the names and 12 Heavenly Stars. Unless there are others that I missed, I think the only change was the Planetary. I don’t want to give spoilers since there’s a lot of people that haven’t read raw so I won’t explain why I used that but since there is a vote towards Luminaries I will be changing it to that in a while.


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