Chapter 173 – The Goddess Sent Out The Ouroboroses!

Chapter 173 – The Goddess Sent Out The Ouroboroses!

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In the skies above Midgard, which had had over half its surface peeled away by Ruphas, Dina was floating and looking down at something with an expression as if she was looking at garbage.

Her eyes were dead and without any luster, as if she was an exquisitely refined doll.

Beside her was another of the Goddess’s dolls, Libra, who was awaiting orders from her real master.


“Truly… she’s gone ahead and done it, that Ruphas.”


The voice of Dina came out from her mouth, yet the words and the tone used were nothing like how she spoke.

The individual who was speaking was indeed Dina. However, her will was no longer present.

Using her body, someone else – the Goddess was speaking.


“Well, whatever. In this situation, I should be happy that she’s kindly protecting the living things. After all, it’s actually a hassle to bring them over from Earth.”


The voice which came out was Dina’s. The thing speaking was Dina’s body.

But the one currently present was no longer Dina.

Dina was overflowing with an undulation of power which she had never possessed before now. That divine power, which was surging out of her, made even the very fabric of the space-time continuum flicker.

In all likelihood, her current fighting prowess rivalled even that of Ruphas.


“There are not many pieces left available to me… If it’s Ruphas, perhaps she would be able to overcome even these ouroboroses.”

“… Taking her capabilities into consideration, that’s most likely going to be the case. Even for you, Alovenus-sama, with a mere borrowed body, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to win against mas… Ruphas.”

“However, once the ouroboroses are beaten back, it’ll mean the start of the climax. The one to bring everything to a close… can’t be anyone except the Hero, I suppose.”[1]


Ruphas would most likely beat the ouroboroses back.

Whilst she would have to make some sacrifices, the one who would win in the end would be Ruphas. Anybody could understand that much.

It was unknown how many sacrifices Ruphas would have to make. Needless to say, for the Goddess, it would be preferable if everyone except for Ruphas were to perish. No, if one considered the might of the ouroboroses, it was only natural that things should develop that way.

Yet, even then, Ruphas would most likely win. Even in the worst-case scenario where she was the only one left, if it was her, she would end up winning.

However, not even Ruphas could have predicted… that even the ouroboroses were nothing more than the opening act.

Regardless of the age, it had always been the case that the Hero would win at the very end. That was simply how the stories were meant to be.

That was why, at the very end of it all, she would meet her end at the hands of the weak hero who was not even worth considering.


“Although… if it’s her, the possibility of her overcoming my predictions is not zero.”

“… I have a question. Why does my lady seem to be having so much fun?”

“Who knows? I wonder too. Perhaps it’s because what’s going to happen from now on is something that I myself wish to see.”


Dina… Correction, the Goddess, who was using Dina’s body, spoke as if she was sneering.


“Even assuming that she defeats the ouroboroses and even wins against the Hero, what exactly could happen? Although they’re called the ouroboroses, in the end, they’re nothing more than fragile tools that I created whilst carefully trying to not destroy the universe. The same goes for the Hero. Even if she were to beat them all, she can’t reach me. Even Ruphas should be well aware of such a thing.”

“… At the very least, all of your chess pieces, like the ouroboroses, the Hero and us who are present here will all perish. Putting it that way, could you not say that she has liberated this world from my lady’s control?”

“I suppose that’d indeed be the case. But it may not turn out that way. I just have this feeling… that she’ll do something, something that I’ve never even considered.”


Although Dina’s facial expression did not change, the way she spoke suggested that she was enjoying what was going on and was looking forward to what was to come.

Ultimately, for the Goddess, everything which was happening was nothing more than a game.

If she lost, she would feel vexed. She might even feel dejected. But that was it.

It was simply impossible that the Goddess herself could be harmed in any way.

That was exactly why she was acting so leisurely.

It was exactly because she absolutely knew that she would win at the very end. That was why she was able to remain laughing.

Indeed, if she lost in a game, she would feel bad… but… the Goddess could erase the very universe (game) itself whenever she felt like it.


“Then shall we begin…? The end of the world.”


After saying that, the Goddess activated the skill to move the ouroboroses.


– The world shook.


The earth divided, the wind raged and the weather became crazy and erratic.

The first thing to appear was the personification of light.

The Sun Ouroboros, which was slumbering within the mountain of Vanaheim, awakened and then freed its enormous body from the ground.

Its endlessly long body pierced into the sky before lapping around Midgard.

Its appearance, which could only be described as abnormal, could even be seen by Ruphas and the others.

It was so big that it could no longer even be called a living thing. Looking at it, everyone except for Ruphas and Orm felt a cold sweat.

Even Benetnash, who was maintaining a calm appearance, could not help but sweat nervously.

The Sun Ouroboros’s whole body was enveloped in shiny scales. Then the white ouroboros, which looked almost divine, roared, causing the world to shudder.


The next to appear was the personification of flame.

An ouroboros enveloped by deep crimson scales shot out along with a volcanic eruption, then intersected with the Sun Ouroboros that had appeared shortly prior.

Just from the appearance of the ouroboros of the flame, the earth started evaporating, causing all of the remaining vegetation that Ruphas had not retrieved to burn up.

Midgard had effectively turned into a desert just from the mere fact that this ouroboros had begun to move.


This was followed by the appearance of a giant tree which pierced into the heavens.

The world tree, who held dominion over all plants in the world, was clad in lightning and did not burn even after being exposed to the Fire Ouroboros’s heat.

From the other side, the very earth itself took the shape of an ouroboros and revealed itself to be an ouroboros who was enveloped in rocks and boulders.

Combined, there were only four of them. However, all four of them were the very embodiment of what it meant to be transcendent.

They possessed the world’s biggest bodies and were protected by the world’s hardest scales. They possessed the world’s strongest power and were the arbiters representing the creation deity.

Each of them only made its appearance when the world was going to be destroyed, yet at this very moment, all four of them had simultaneously made their advent, each executing a roar which reached the far ends of space.

Heed well, mankind. Here therein, your age shall now be concluded.

Such a will was conveyed throughout the world without the use of any humanoid words.

The Goddess controls Dina
Illustration from AWLBA V8 Light Novel




“Listen, everyone. In a bit, I’m going to fight against Dina and Libra. I’ll entrust the ouroboroses to every one of you guys.”


After seeing the ouroboroses and hearing Ruphas’s words, nervous looks appeared on all of the Twelve Stars.

With Ruphas’s power, even if she had to face multiple ouroboroses simultaneously, it would be possible to fight them on an even footing.

However, she just suggested that she would not be participating in that fight.

Her actions were not because she was underestimating them. If anything, it was the opposite.

She only chose to act this way because she had determined that, without giving it her all, she would not be able to win against Dina, who was possessed by the Goddess.

Indeed, there had been a precedence of the Goddess making use of someone else. But this time alone, things were different from the past.

The Goddess was making use of her own avatar. As a consequence, her fighting prowess would be beyond that of the ouroboroses.

Furthermore, Dina had already informed Ruphas of the Goddess’s power.


– Her HP was 999.9 Billion.[2]


This was Alovenus’s HP from within the game.

And the Alovenus from within the game was the avatar of the game’s administrator, in other words… Dina herself.

As such, yes, that’s what it signified.

It was her strength when she was possessed by the Goddess. That was what it indicated.


“Very well. Then I’ll take on the Heavenly Ouroboros.”[3]


Orm was the first individual to respond to Ruphas’s arguably unreasonable order.

If the other side was an ouroboros, then it would be met with an ouroboros of our own. Both sides would be arbiters and destroyers of the same class.

Orm jumped up and, in a flash, transformed his body into that of an ouroboros enveloped by black scales.

Subsequently, he headed towards the enemy that he had to defeat. The next individual to step forward was Benetnash.


“In that case, I’ll take on the Fire Ouroboros. I’ll check out just how capable these things called ouroboroses actually are.”


The ouroboroses were indeed at the pinnacle of the world.

However, if the other side was an existence that was at the pinnacle, then it would be met with an abnormal existence of our own. An existence which trod above and beyond the rules that had been laid in place by the Goddess.

Benetnash smiled with an expression full of confidence, but she was interjected by the voice of another.


“Wait a minute.”

“… What is it, Fairy Princess?”

“It’s not that I’ve recognised them, but… the situation is how it is. Since you’re at it, take them along with you.”


Pollux spoke with displeasure and activated her skill.

At the same time, a light down poured from the sky and four men appeared from within.

Benetnash was very familiar with the faces of the four individuals who appeared.

The Sword King, Alioth.

The Beast King, Dubhe.

The Adventure King, Phecda.

And the Smith King, Mizar.

They were Pollux’s sworn enemies from two hundred years ago and the ones she had summoned once before when she was under the Goddess’s possession.

She brought them back to this world once more.


“Pollux, you…”

“Brother, please don’t say any more. After all, I haven’t recognised them to be worthy.”


Pollux’s skill was the ability to bring back “an individual whom she recognised as a hero”.

In other words, if she did not recognise them as a hero, they could never be brought back.

This was why, in the past, Pollux was unable to summon the Seven Heroes however she wished.

However, the fact that she had summoned them indicated that she had given them her recognition.

After learning about their past, after learning that they had circumstances of their own, after seeing the interaction between Merak and Virgo, she had learnt that they had gone through hardships of their own.

… She must have subconsciously thought that it would be fine to forgive them.

Pollux herself must have been self-conscious of this, however, she was feeling conflicted within herself.

As such, she was unable to be honest and upfront, causing her to turn her back on them right after summoning them.


「It looks like I made it in time for the final feast! I’ve come too! 」


Furthermore, Blutgang came flying over.

A loud sound rang out from the speaker and the gigantic metropolis transformed into a giant humanoid-shaped golem before landing on the ground.


「Megrez, your mana engine is working great! Blutgang can fly now! 」

“Ohh, my Blutgang is flying now!”

「Ohh!? Why am I down there!? 」

“Yo, me! I’ve come back from Valhalla to make up for the debt of my past sins!”[4]


It was an unexpected reunion of all of the members of the Seven Heroes. Although there were now two Mizars, that was something trivial.

Benetnash kept her arms crossed then sighed out loud. However, there was a faint curl on the edges of her lips.

It seemed that, unlike before, they had been properly brought back as their complete selves.

At this moment, Ruphas took out small vials from her pocket, then threw them at Megrez and Merak.


“This is…”

“Use it. It’s an elixir. The final battle’s about to begin, so if you guys remain at half of your strength, it’ll be inappropriate.”

“… Thanks.”


After drinking the elixir handed to them by Ruphas, Megrez stood up from his wheelchair.

At the same time, Merak’s wings were restored as Taurus walked in on the group.


“Taurus, are your injuries fine now?”

“Yeah, there’s no problem anymore. My friend called me back… so I can’t just keep napping.”


After saying just that, Taurus passed by Ruphas’s side.

There was no need for superficial words. A friend of his had come back and said she would fight.

So all he needed to do was join the battlefield himself.

If his friend was going to shed away her grudge from the past, then he would help her do so.

From the past, this had always been the unchanging camaraderie and loyalty Taurus held towards Ruphas.


“If I just grind my teeth and bear with it…”

“… aaa.”

“Break a leg.”

“– Aldebaran.”


Taurus’s unwavering fist sent Megrez and Merak flying.

Both of their bodies were sent flying and slammed right into the ground.

With this, the past was called even. At the very least, Taurus no longer had any intention to say anything else after this.

Megrez and Merak stood up with swollen faces. However, they appeared refreshed.


“I’ve removed the curse which was on you guys. As for the rest, do whatever you want.”[5]

“Thank you. We appreciate it.”


Megrez expressed his gratitude and then waved his arm at Taurus, who had his back turned towards them.

At the same time, Levia came close to Megrez, and he jumped on top of it.

Merak, on the other hand, spread his wings, which he had just regained, and flew up whilst Alioth also got on top of Levia.


“Benetnash, we’ll also help you, bear.”[6]

“We’ll fight with you.”


Looking exactly the same as they had back then, Dubhe and Phecda stuck their hands out and placed them on top of one another. Benetnash, whilst snorting in response, stuck out her own fist and did the same.

To that, Mizar placed his palm on top, followed by Merak, who did the same.

Finally, Megrez also placed his hand on the spot after getting off from Levia. However, for some reason, the moment Alioth attempted to get off from Levia to join them, Levia raised its neck and did not let him get off.


“Just don’t be a burden.”

“Of course. It’s not like you don’t know our strength, right?”

“Leave your back to me.”

“Let’s go wild together again, Benet!”


Benetnash spoke up as if she was spitting out those words, and Megrez, Merak and Mizar responded with a voice full of confidence.

They each knew of each other’s capabilities. Whilst it was a little irritating for her, Benetnash was not someone who could not understand that they were a useful group of individuals.

Then whatever. If you’re saying you’ll come along, then feel free to come along. Utilise that so-called power of yours to the fullest.

Although Benet did not voice it aloud, she permitted them to tag along, all the while feeling a sense of nostalgia.


“Hey, wait a minute! Why am I the only one left out!? I’ll come join you guys any moment now, so please wait for me! You guys… don’t let go, okay? I haven’t joined you guys yet!”

“Alright, let’s do it, everyone. First, shall we start off by showing ourselves to the people in the Ark and calming them down together with Sei-kun? As for Alioth, we can just leave him behind.”


7 Heroes
Illustration from AWLBA Light Novel V8


The Seven Heroes, accompanied by Blutgang and Levia, headed towards the Ark.

That side should be fine if I leave it up to them… After being convinced of that, Ruphas recalled the past and became amused.


Once this battle is over, it might be a good idea to have a drink with those guys again.


Ruphas activated X-Gate and retrieved two swords from the Mafahl Tower, then threw those swords in the direction of the Ark, towards Levia… towards Alioth, who was on top of it.


“It’s a gift. Take it with you!”

“Thanks, you’re a lifesaver!”


When the Argonautai were summoned, the weapon that they had previously been using was also materialised using mana. However, that weapon was a mere recreation. It was not the real thing.

Even though they were about to head into the final battle, if the so-called Sword King did not even have a proper weapon, it would look quite pathetic.

Although… pathetic was a word which perfectly encapsulated Alioth’s character, but after all, it would be his first battle after his return. It would be nice if he got to do something.

Thinking something along those lines, Ruphas generously lent him two from her collection.

It was an action executed only because she believed that if it was Alioth, he would most likely be able to utilise it well.


“I’ll head towards the Wood Ouroboros. I’ll properly settle it with my own hands.”

“If Pollux is going, then I’ll go with her.”


The fairy siblings, Pollux and Castor, voiced their desires to fight against the Wood Ouroboros.

For the two of them, the Wood Ouroboros was their original body, and at the same time, their parent.

They could not give this fight away to anybody else. They had a strong determination in their eyes.




Ruphas handed a single ring to her.

The ring was something that Ruphas had previously inadvertently acquired: the divine artifact, Chronos.[7]

It was a godly ring which, by slowing down time in the surroundings, allowed the wearer to enter a state where time was effectively stopped. Nevertheless, it was a defective product in that, as a trade-off for its effect, when the ring was taken off, all of the accumulated time would flow back to the user all at once.

However, Pollux was a Fairy Princess who had already existed for hundreds of thousands of years. For her, regardless of how much negative recoil she suffered, there would be absolutely no effect whatsoever. To begin with, as she was a fairy, the very concept of a lifespan did not exist for her.

In other words, she was able to utilise this ring with absolutely no risks involved.

Furthermore, Ruphas had tinkered with the ring a little in the meantime.

Previously, the effect of the debuff enforced by the ring worked against the world at large. However, such an effect only served to hinder the wearers’ allies.

As such, Ruphas removed that effect from the ring and made it so that the ring only worked to purely increase the speed of the wearer.


“Take it with you. From now on, everyone’s constantly going to be fighting in a state where time is dilated. If you don’t have a toy like that, you won’t even be able to keep up with the fight.”

“You’re right… I’ll accept it, thank you.”


Pollux’s actual fighting capacity was no different from that of an ordinary warrior.

This meant that she would not be able to keep up at all with the battle which was to happen from this point onwards.

It was not merely at the level of – She would not be helpful in a fight. She would not even be able to see the fight in the first place.

In her current state, someone could very well be killed in the time she spent summoning a heroic spirit.

In order to participate in the battle ahead, the ring was an item which was absolutely necessary for her.


“Then I’ll take on the Earth Ouroboros. I’ll go beat up this bastard who has the audacity to call himself the strongest even though I’m here.”

“Then I will… then I guess I’ll also head to the Earth Ouroboros.”


Pollux would be challenging the Wood Ouroboros, but there was still a need for someone else to challenge the Earth Ouroboros.

In that regard, Leon and Aries were the first two individuals to volunteer.


“In that case, me will take on the Wood Ouroboros. After all, Pollux will need a shield.”

“Virgo, the two of us will head to the Earth Ouroboros. Aries aside, if we leave this stupid lion to rampage about without someone to heal him, it’s obvious that he’s going to lose.”

“Y, yes, grandma.”

“Who are you calling stupid lion, huh!?”

“I’m ill-matched against the Earth Ouroboros. So I’ll be generous and go crush the tree.”

“Me too.”


This was followed by Karkinos’s, Pisces’s and Aigokeros’s decision to head towards the Wood Ouroboros.

Similarly, Virgo and Parthenos volunteered to join the battlefield where the Earth Ouroboros was.


“You’ll need someone to support you guys, right? Then I’ll fight the Wood Ouroboros.”

“I’ll go and smash apart the Earth Ouroboros.”

“Although I’m a bad match attribute-wise… Well, there shouldn’t be any problem giving them support with my ability. I’ll tag along with the group taking on the Earth guy.”


And finally, Sagittarius chose to head towards the Wood Ouroboros whilst Taurus and Aquarius chose to fight against the Earth Ouroboros. Without Ruphas having to say anything, the two teams were completed.

On the side, the Argonauts also divided at their own discretion then split into four teams so that they could supplement each party.

Looking carefully, one could even see the figures of Phoenix and Hydrus, who had previously been left behind for the purpose of sealing the ouroboroses.

It seemed they had rushed back because the ouroboroses had started moving.


“I’ll go where my father is. Luna, you stay with the Ark.”

“… T, Terra-sama, I also want…”

“You can’t. This time, the battle will be on a completely different level.”


It seemed Terra would head towards Orm to support him.

But Terra aside, Luna would not even be worth considering as a battle potential. This time alone, Terra would have no leeway to protect Luna.

Luna understood that as well.

She understood why… but even then, to allow Terra to head there alone whilst she stayed somewhere safe felt painful for her.

Terra hugged her very firmly, then whispered as if to coax her.


“I’ll be fine. I’ll definitely come back… I won’t die and leave you alone.”

“… It’s a promise, okay?”

“Yeah, it’s a promise.”

“Oi, stop it you fools. That’s a super obvious death flag right there!”


Watching the two individuals who were hugging each other, Ruphas made a straight-man retort without reading the atmosphere.

There were not many who came back alive after hugging someone right before the final battle and promising that they would definitely come back. Most of them would end up dead.

After seeing off the flying figure of Terra, who chased after Orm, Ruphas’s eyes met with Scorpius’s, who still remained behind.


“… Are you not going?”

“This mistress’s battlefield is the place where Ruphas-sama is.”



… Even though this is the final battle, she doesn’t waver, huh.


Feeling as such within her, Ruphas looked up into the sky thinking – Whatever.

Now, all she could do was trust them. Trust that all of her allies would return safe and sound.




(Author note)


Dina (Possessed by the Goddess) VS Ruphas

Libra VS Scorpius

Heavenly Ouroboros VS Moon Ouroboros, Terra

Fire Ouroboros VS The Seven Heroes

Earth Ouroboros VS Leon, Aries, Taurus, Aquarius, Virgo, Parthenos, Phoenix, Hydrus, the Three Winged Knights

Wood Ouroboros VS Pollux, Castor, Pisces, Karkinos, Sagittarius, Aigokeros, Argo & all of its crew members


The preliminary round begins.


Q: Isn’t the Hero’s party going to participate?

A: Are you telling them to get caught up as collateral damage and get turned to ash?


(Author note end)

TLN: A small rant… Not much has happened for the past 3 chapters (in fact, a bit longer than that). At least not enough to warrant ~3500, 3600+, 4200+ words for chapters 171, 172 and 173, respectively. The sentence structures are messier and it feels like there’s a billion clauses in every sentence (which we break up) so it comes across as very wordy. It doesn’t help that the author’s habit of repeating the same line (and sometimes paragraph) in different words over and over is becoming a little too much. We’ve been trying to reword them so that it won’t come across as if you’re reading the same line three times, but sometimes, the raw ACTUALLY has the exact same line written three times, with the only difference being (1) a part of the sentence was removed, (2) a sentence got one extra word, or (3) used a different synonym. … Admittedly, I do appreciate the set up, but… yeah… Honestly, it wasn’t as bad when I was reading the raw, but it’s a bit more annoying when I’m translating at 2 am and constantly feel a sense of deja vu. -Rant over-


[1] The raw actually has end credit, but it makes no sense, so it’s been changed to climax.

[2] 999.9 billion = 999,900,000,000.

[3] Remember, the Sun Ouroboros is the Heavenly Ouroboros. He’s officially known as the Sun Ouroboros but calls himself the Heavenly Ouroboros because he’s pretentious like that and because he has chuunibyou.

[4] Valhalla (ヴァルハラ) – “”.

[5] The Demon King, Orm’s curse.

[6] In case you’ve forgotten, Dubhe always ends his sentence with “bear”. It’s like… Meowth from Pokemon ending his sentences with “meowth”.

[7] Recall Debris’s ring from chapter 125-127. Also known as the Ring of Time.


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