Chapter 156 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 156 – Teaser

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On that day, at that venue, there were some excitement and commotion.

The so-called The Street Corner Beauty Contest was an event which can be participated by anyone who wished to at a drop of the bucket. It was an event which determined the number one beauty based on the votes of the audience. In a way, it was a slightly questionable and outdated event which demanded people to ask; “They’re still doing something like this at this day and age?”

To be completely upfront, it was a project organised by some popular TV variety show which broadcasted in the dead time after midnight. Again, in a way, it was a slightly questionable show which was bound to fail even before the project launched.

Although it was called a beauty contest, in truth, the main premise of the show may have been more along the lines of getting viewers to judge and ridicule the excessively self-conscious participants.

Naturally, this event had a hidden agenda.

There was to be a dirty big surprise prepared by the procedures of the show. There would “coincidently” be an idol by the name of Yuwontsel Lanyway (18yo), whose popularity was on the decline, who just so happens to be in the area and participates, only for her to win at the expense of other participants who would be used as a stepping stone.[1] Needless to say, of course, she did not just coincidently happen to be passing the area. The entire thing was scripted and she was just waiting on standby.

In other words, yes, it’s exactly how it is. From the very beginning, she was guaranteed to win. It was just a last-ditch event prepared by her managers and television network in an attempt to regain her popularity. Although… on the question of the popularity, the very television show itself had no popularity from the beginning.

Obviously, there were paid audience members amongst the crowd who were fully prepared to just boost the stage’s excitement up.

Having said that, in this day and age where the internet was very active, an easily seen through act like this would be revealed in an instant, eventually sending everything into the ground or burning up in flames. Nevertheless, the idol’s managers were proceeding with the plan knowing full well of the consequence.

After all, if she was unable to sell at this moment in time, she would not succeed either way. As such, they did not care about what image she would end up getting.


[1] It took me like 30 minutes trying to figure out the correct reading of this name (because Japanese names can be read many, many different ways even if it’s written exactly the same way + because I’ve never seen this name before). This is another one of those pun that the author always uses. (童瀬宇麗奈) when split into 2-3 characters reading (2 for family name, 3 for first name), the name has the option to be read as Douse Urena. As you are told from the context, she is an idol on the decline. If you add the letter (i) at the end of Douse Urena, it becomes Douse Urenai. Which literally means/translate to “You won’t sell anyways.” So in English, the name would be something like… err… “Yuwontcellneway”. On a second thought… let’s use that since it makes more sense in the context…


Ruphas and Dina 2
Illustration from Light Novel Volume 7


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  1. Dina gives ruphas (the supposed bottlecap of ruphas consciousness)
    Her love letter, got married and a child whose name is merodach
    Which is not a reference to gilgamesh’s sword of selecting and mordred being the “son” of artoria

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