A Wild Last Boss Appeared Chapter 24

Hi everyone, Tp here!

If you have a few seconds of free time please read the Important Announcement (24-11-2018) regarding this series’ translation!

But if you don’t, here is the TLDR;

Hands of Vecna and I have teamed up to translate this series, there have been few changes to pronouns I previously used to accommodate that, and we will be alternating as the main translator every 10 chapters (listed and detail in the announcement)


Please Enjoy, (please say Hi to Venca for me :D)

2 thoughts on “A Wild Last Boss Appeared Chapter 24

  1. hI

    Thank you to both you and Vecna for your work translating this webnovel

    Pd: In case that you ever is interested intranslate some other WN, I have a list of many similar stories


    1. Thank you too, hope you are enjoying so far.

      Thank you for letting me know, once we finish this novel and I have some extra time, I may be interested in picking up another series. Who knows, there’ll be quite some time before we finish so we will see how it goes πŸ˜‰

      In any event, I can be contacted on the discord quite quickly and I will try and read all comments and reply where I can. (Sorry for the late reply, was working through discord and google doc since 21-30’s main translator is Vecna >.<)


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