Announcement 03/05/2019

Important announcement The fastest way to get notified of updates from now on will be through discord. New chapter release will not be listed onto Novelupdates until the subsequent chapter is released (this means it will not show up on the Novelupdates's homepage). RSS will also be turned off. The release schedule for chapters 71-80 … Continue reading Announcement 03/05/2019


AWLBA Chapter 61-70

Hi everyone. Vecna will serve as the main translator for the chapters 61-70 of The Wild Last Boss Appeared!. Vecna's website is here. Vecna's chapter list is here. Chapter 61 is out here. Please say hi to Vecna from me. I will be coming back for chapter 71 in a month's time. I hope to … Continue reading AWLBA Chapter 61-70

Announcement – Changes to the blog

Hi everyone, Tp here. There is a short announcement that I want to make.   Domain change I have recently (2 days ago) upgraded from free WordPress user to a personal user. I purchased a 2 years subscription. With it, I got 1 year of a custom domain so my domain has changed from; to … Continue reading Announcement – Changes to the blog

Announcement – Translation for AWLBA (24-11-2018)

Hello everyone, Tp here! A quick announcement regarding translation for A Wild Last Boss Appeared!   As some of you may be aware there is another group (Hands of Vecna) translating A Wild Last Boss Appeared at HERE. I found out about them while translating chapter 20 from chapter 19's comment section. So yesterday, after … Continue reading Announcement – Translation for AWLBA (24-11-2018)