Chapter 180 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 180 – Teaser

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“You know, Libra… I was mistaken. With stuffs like envy and fear, I was clouded by emotions that was right my face and I lost myself with them.”


This happened in the past.

It was the very last conversation that she had with her creator which even now, it served as a memory that she was unable erase.

The conversation happened on the day Mizar was defeated in the battle against the Demon King and during the time he was frail and weak. That was when he professed to Libra.


“Honestly… deep down, I think I should have been aware that I was mistaken. Deep within me, there was this something that I couldn’t quite figure out, some… sense of duty or fear which felt like it was placed there by someone else. My heart was constantly ringing an alarm for me in the form of hesitation. But I didn’t even notice that that. I’m right. Ruphas is wrong. … I was caught up in those delusions and ended up betraying my friend.”


His arms which were once buffed were no longer thick, but instead thin and frail. Furthermore, his elbow onwards had been turned into a cold and lifeless artificial arm.

His firm and sturdy body was left in a stage where there was nothing but a skin on the bones.

His face was pale, lifeless and devoid of any willpower.

Libra was expressionless as ever as she looked down on him lying down from his side, as she dutifully spent her time together with her parent’s last moment.


“Libra, don’t become like me. Keeping in mind of your duty is fine. Thinking about the reason behind your existence is also fine… but if you ever lose your way, allow yourself to listen, what your heart is saying. Ask yourself, if what you’re doing at that moment is right… if it’s really the path you wished for yourself. Just take a moment and think it through once… I was… unable to do just that…”

“Mizar-sama, I don’t have the ‘heart’ that you speak of.”

“No, you do… you have a heart. I mean… look. Even though I didn’t give you any order, you’re taking care of me so dutifully in my final moments. No other golems are doing such a thing.”


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