Chapter 179 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 179 – Teaser

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The Fire Ouroboros’s tail which was shredded was blown away and landed in the space between the Earth Ouroboros and Aries’s group.

The blood from the shredded tail splattered everywhere and obstructed the views of both side.

The one who recovered first in this unexpected situation was Aries.

He had conviction this whole time. He believed that his friends would come out victorious. That was why he did not become agitated.

On the other hand, the Earth Ouroboros had never predicted something like this would happen.

It never thought for a moment that one of the pillars of the ouroboroses, the Fire Ouroboros, would suffer this much damage from being punched around to the extent that a part of its body would be shredded and come flying in its location.

It was because the ouroboroses were an indisputably strong entities that the Earth Ouroboros suffered from this momentary bewilderment. Exactly because it had thought that such a thing absolutely could not happen that when it saw it happening before its eyes, it had such an heavy impact.

Aries blew flames out of its mouth and burnt Earth Ouroboros’s body.

After a brief moment of delay, the Earth Ouroboros started firing gravity bullets, but those never ended up hitting Aries. This was because they were dispersed by Virgo’s skills.


「Fire Ouroboros… are you telling me he was defeated? I also can’t feel the Heavenly Ouroboros’s presence anymore. As if such a thing…」


When the Earth Ouroboros spoke, its voice was shaky.

It was a truth that he did not want to admit… The fact that they, the ouroboroses, were the ones who were being pushed back had put him in a dazed state.


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