Chapter 178 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 178 – Teaser

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“You’re in the way!”


Aigokeros shouted out loud, grabbed and spun it around.

The words muttered by him were truly unreasonable. After all, the one to intrude upon the battlefield was Aigokeros. If anybody deserved to be called a nuisance in that place, it should be him. Consequently, it was a line which should have been said by the Heavenly Ouroboros.

However, this was a battle where logical reasoning and common sense had no standing whatsoever.

Binding away the concept of common sense from all four directions and making them unable to move, then violently beating it up as a group until the point that it was unable to recover. At the end of that was this battlefield known as the Fimbulwinter. 

At the end of it all, this battle was illogical versus illogical to determine who was the strongest and most illogical out of all. Long story short, it was a clash of two ego.

We are stronger, we are the correct one, we don’t like the other side. So they should be destroyed.

Putting it in a very simple way, what both sides were effectively saying was just that.

As the one with a relatively normal way of seeing things, when Saturnus heard what Aigokeros had said, she was left in disbelief and muttered something along the lines of “why are you the one saying that!?”


「You… youyouyouyou! Every single god damn one of you keeps getting in the way between the me and the Moon Ouroboros’s fight! 」


Needless to say, the one who was most angry in this place was the Heavenly Ouroboros.


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  1. I’m just imagining this entire climactic battle is a really chaotic tavern brawl where skill goes out the window and drunkards are just randomly bashing into each other.

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