Chapter 177 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 177 – Teaser

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Benetnash’s reply to the Fire Ouroboros’s intense and creepy confession was a kick.

She kicked the side of the ouroboros’s head which was literally as big as a mountain then circled around to the other side before kicking it upwards.

Considering how enormous the ouroboros’s body was, not even Benetnash was able to send it flying flashily in a single hit. The best that she could do was make it arch up greatly.

Nevertheless, the damage was definitely dealt to it and Benetnash relentlessly continued to corner the Fire Ouroboros.

With Benetnash’s overwhelming power and speed, the difference in size could not be considered a handicap any longer.

If anything, it would be hard for the Fire Ouroboros to hit her due to her small its target was.

Of course, the Fire Ouroboros did not just allow her to punch it without any resistance.

It was able to retaliate against Benetnash’s speed and quickly moved its long body to enclose her in a space.


“This is…”


As if it was trying to make its own body into a spherical ball, it enclosed Benetnash into a space without any room for escape.

If the enemy was too fast, then the solution to that was simple. All it had to do was trap them into a space.

Needless to say, if one took into account how ridiculously large the Fire Ouroboros was, the volume of space which it was able to enclose was quite out of the norm.

Using the planet Earth as a reference, the amount of space that it had enclosed could easily fit the country of Japan within it.


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