Chapter 175 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 175 – Teaser

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“Everyone come together! We have no chance of winning if we fight separately! Ganymedes, put me on top of the sheep/ram brat! Tauros, you come too!”

“It’s Taurus.”


After Aquarius shouted, Taurus got on top of Aries as per the instructions.

Furthermore, Ganymedes also jumped into Aries’s back all the while holding onto Aquarius. This action was replicated by the Three Winged Knights.

Phoenix and Hydrus, who were unable to get onto Aries themselves due to their size, each stood to the side of him and then stared back at the ouroboros.


“Alright, listen properly, everyone. It’s vexing, but that bastard’s leagues above us. If we fight without coordinating, we don’t stand a chance. Fortunately for us, we have a way of fighting against him. The little girl’s (Virgo) Vindemiatrix is…”

「Giga Graviton Rapid Fire! 」[1]


Aquarius tried to convey a strategy to her allies, however, the ouroboros they were facing was not a naïve enemy who would leisurely wait whilst the enemy had a conversation mid-battle.

It started firing barrages of gravity bullet without holding back, causing Aries to run around desperately to avoid them.

Each shot did not have the might of Tera Graviton which had knocked Leon down.

Nevertheless, in exchange for the decreased power, the interval between each individual shot shortened to the point that it looked like a machine gun. The whole spectacle of the gravity bullets gorging into the great earth and turning the planet full of holes almost looked hilarious.

It looked just as if the ball of dirt was gradually being scooped away, bit by bit, using a spoon.

In any event, even after the might of individual shots were weakened, those gravity bullets were a threat for Aries and the rest.

Now that Ruphas had completely regained her powers, their levels were at level 1000. Inevitably, their defence and HP had increased.

Yet even then, they were likely to become unable to move if they were hit by three of them.


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