Chapter 174 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 174 – Teaser

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The whole of Midgard was suffering from extreme weather.

The skies of Midgard was covered by the large frames of the ouroboroses and dark clouds. It was as if the Sun and the Moon were eaten by them.

The great earth tared apart, the seas withered and the mountains crumbled into ruin.

Thunder roared continuously without rest and the blizzard blew throughout the world regardless of the season as if to bury it.

It was what one would call doomsday. The world’s dusk caused by the all-out war between the God and the monsters which extinguished all lifeform in the world.

The day the world would end had arrived.


“Ohh… it’s the Fimbulwinter. It’s the end of the world!”[1]


People were rushing in to pray at churches which were now within the Ark.

However, there was no meaning to their prayers. After all, that very deity was their enemy.

The priests were shouting as if they were having a panic attack and the inside of the Ark was shrouded in a dark and gloomy atmosphere.

Similarly, at this moment, Sei was also within the Ark holding onto his head.

He was currently at the core of the Ark, the main control room.

At that place, many hobbits were working restlessly, supported by cameras made through modern scientific achievements, displaying various places within the Ark on screens.

Furthermore, Sei, along with other heroic figures and kings and queens of the various kingdom, was standing at an important feeling spot which was surrounded by many cameras as if there was about to be a live broadcast.


What exactly was she hoping that I’d do?


Ruphas had told him as follows. That she hoped he would persuade and ease the worries of the people.


“… No, that’s impossible. As if words from someone like me would put people at ease in this situation.”

“What a miserable brat you are. Why did Mafahl evaluate someone like this well?”

“That’s what I want to know…”


[1] Fimbulwinter (aka Fimbulvetr; Fimbulvinter) is the immediate prelude to the events of Raknarok, meaning the “great winter”. “”.


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