Chapter 173 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 173 – Teaser

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Above the skies of Midgard, which had over half its surface peeled away by Ruphas, Dina was floating and looking down on something with the expression as if she was looking at garbage.

Her eyes were dead and without its shines just as if she was an exquisitely refined doll.

Beside her was another one of the Goddess’s doll, Libra, who was awaiting orders from her real master.


“Truly… she’s gone ahead and done it, that Ruphas.”


A voice of Dina came out from her mouth, yet the words spoken and the tones used were not like how she spoke.

The individual who was speaking was indeed, Dina. However, her will was no longer present.

Using her body, someone else – the Goddess was speaking.


“Well, whatever. In this situation, I should be happy that she’s kindly protecting the living things. After all, it’s actually a hassle to bring them over from the Earth.”


The voice which came out was Dina’s. The thing speaking was Dina’s body.

But the one present at that place was no longer Dina.

Dina in that place was overflowing with the undulation of power which she never possessed prior to now. Those divine power which was surging out of her flickered even the very fabric of space-time continuum.

In all likelihood, her current fighting prowess rivalled even that of Ruphas.


“There are not many pieces left on me… If it’s Ruphas, perhaps, she would even be able to overcome these ouroboroses.”

“… Taking into consideration her capabilities, that’s most likely to be going to be the case. Even for you, Alovenus-sama, with a mere borrowed body, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to win against mas… Ruphas.”

“However, only once the ouroboroses are beaten back, it’ll mean the start of the climax. The one to bring everything to a close… could be no one but the Hero, I suppose.”


Ruphas would most likely beat the ouroboroses back.

Whilst she would have to make some sacrifices, the one to win at the end would be Ruphas. Anybody could understand that much.


The Goddess controls Dina
Illustration from AWLBA Light Novel V8


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