Chapter 172 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 172 – Teaser

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(Author note)

Honestly, if you’re going to use Hydro Pump, you should have used Surf or Scald instead.

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For Merak, it was a regret from his past that he could not get over.

He betrayed his friend and plunged the world which was almost unified back into turmoil.

Why had he done such a thing? Why had he not thought about a bit more?

He could not understand himself. Even though it was about himself, he could not understand at all the thought processes of himself at the time.

Even the subsequent battle against the Demon King, which he had attempted as a way to make up for his sins ended up in a miserable defeat. Afterwards, he ended up passing a few days on top of his bed, unconscious.

Yet, misfortunes did not stop piling up.

Underpinning the fact that he had lost, the demon race exploited this occasion and came invading.

By the time he had awakened, everything was long over.

Although they had barely managed to successfully defend the kingdom, many lives had been forfeited.

Beyond anything else, the event which had tormented Merak the most was how the whereabouts of his wife and daughter had become unknown.

It was by no means a loving marriage between him and his wife. They initially only became engaged as a result of their parents’ decision in their position as fellow well-established families within the flugel race.

Nevertheless, they were still family. Only once they had disappeared did Merak realise the significance of his wife’s presence.

However, the reality was cruel mischief. The corpse of his wife was found the following day. The body had been found quite a distance away at the foot of Vanaheim along with the corpses of her guards. … In all likelihood, she was killed while they were attempting to getaway.

In the end, the case was closed without him being able to find the whereabouts of his daughter.


Parthenos Golem Virgo Merak
Illustration from AWLBA Light Novel V8


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