Chapter 160 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 160 – Teaser

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Notice 1: ETA for chapter 160 is May 12.



Notice 1: Previously in chapter 99, I wrote Ruphas’s HP at level 3000 as 18 050 000. I made a mistake, it was 1 805 000. It has now been corrected.


(Author note)

[Summary of last time]

Q: So the Goddess’s avatar, Dina, turned out to be actually competent… then could it be that the Goddess herself is also…

A: Please don’t worry. The real Goddess is incompetent.

(Author note end)


(TLN: Reminder that I/My/Me denoted by “ORE” is used by the Japanese MC because “ore” is used by a male person.

I/My/Me denoted by “YO” is a haughty form, typically used by the “real” Ruphas in her position as the Supreme Ruler/King, but is uncommon real life.

I/My/Me denoted by “WATASHI” is commonly used by a female person and in gender-neutral/polite context.)


Even as Dina published a game in Japan and continued to send information to Ruphas’s avatar, Dina frequently went back to Midgard.

The reason behind this was to observe the Demon King Orm.

Originally, he was supposed to leave the stage once Ruphas was overthrown. However, for some strange reason, he acted out the farce of beating back the heroes.

As a result, it was only natural the Goddess felt some misgivings towards him. In the end, Dina was given the order to observe the Demon King.

For Dina who was undertaking activities in Japan, this order turned out to be a miscalculation that she could not feel joyful about.

Even more annoying that was fact that the Sun Ouroboros’s avatar exercised an ego of its own and started acting as a subordinate of the Goddess.

By this point, Pollux, Parthenos, Taurus and Aquarius had already commenced with the act of sealing the ouroboroses. Nevertheless, it was not as if they could completely keep everything under control.

There were chances that the ouroboroses would whimsically create an avatar, and there were also chances those avatars would have an ego of their own.

It was just that, the worst-case scenario had come to fruition.

In other words, on one side, Dina had to show that she was properly observing the Demon King whilst on the other, she had the need to not be seen through that she had betrayed the Goddess.

A double spy… would have been an understatement.

When she was amongst the demons, she had to completely act out the faithful servant of the Goddess. At the same time, she had to come and go between Japan and Midgard.

Yet, there was also a positive miscalculation. This was because she was able to meet with the Demon King who was also rebelling against the Goddess and establish a relationship so that they could use each other as a cover.

Exactly… the Demon King was already aware of Dina’s new identity. He was already aware of it, yet he allowed her to continue playing around.

After all, he knew he would profit out of it more from her this way.


And on that faithful day…


Ruphas angry
Illustration from AWLBA Light novel V7
Ruphas Benetnash and Dina in Japan
Illustration from AWLBA Light novel V7



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      1. I think it was supposed to be from the earlier chapter but I forgot to put it up… I think we have like 5 or so unused illustration this volume but (I think) chapter 160 is the final chapter of this “volume 7”. Lol….


      2. It can’t be helped that you ‘forget’ some illustrations, since the WN and the LN have differences that will make the image not quite appropriate for any WN chapter. For example, Dina wasn’t around in the WN when Ruphas and Benet were playing around on Earth.

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