Chapter 159 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 159 – Teaser

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(Author note)

I moved the core content from the earlier chapter into this chapter as I was too hasty with hinting Dina’s role.

(Author note end)



The elven village survived. Correction, was saved.

Afterwards, by distributing the elixir around, the people with illness was cured and Dina’s father managed to regain his health.

Additionally, the scorpion became attached to Ruphas and after turning into a humanoid form, glued herself onto Ruphas’s arm.

Dina felt strange knowing how violently the scorpion had been punched, yet still managed to become attached to Ruphas. But then again, the true nature of the scorpion was a magical beast, after all.

Perhaps it was attracted to the power which overwhelmed her so much that she was unable to retaliate against it.

But Dina did not have the leeway to be paying attention to such things.

It was because she was undergoing an existential crisis after what she believed to be her identity had completely collapsed. She did not have room to be thinking about anything else.

She had been keeping a close watch of Ruphas, believing her to be a risk factor, yet, she was helped out by her. In contrast, she could not help but admit that the one who she had believed to be the same entity as herself up until this point, the Goddess, and her actual self, had a fatal misalignment in the way they thought.

Now that things had gotten this far, she was convinced. No, she could not help but be convinced.

– Of the fact that she was not the same entity as the Goddess. She was merely… a separate individual who had inherited the Goddess’s memories and the ego… that she was just a doll.

At the very least, from the moment when the Goddess had tried to kill Dina’s birth father and Dina had tried to prevent that, the two of them had trodden upon a completely separate path.

However, in that case, who exactly was she? What exactly was she?

Whilst Dina was pondering on such questions, her father who was still resting on the ground softly spoke with a weak voice.


Ruphas and Dina
Illustration from AWLBA Light Novel V7 Ruphas and Dina



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