Chapter 158 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 158 – Teaser

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By the time Dina reached her hometown, it was already on the verge of destruction.

Her human mother had already long reached the end of her lifespan and had passed on and her father looked like nothing but the skin on top of his bones.

No, it was not just her father. At this point, Dina’s hometown had turned into nothing but a prison full of people moments before their death.




Her heart wouldn’t be moved… or so it should have been the case.

She had thought that she would not feel anything even if she saw what was happening. It was because she was the Goddess’s avatar who just so happened to be born in this village and should not have had any sentimental feeling towards such people.

But why was it? Why was it that she was feeling this agitated?

Why did she feel a chill run down her back and her feet trembling as if ice cubes were running down her spine.

Up until this moment, she had observed a scene like this many times. Although she did not directly apply her hands because of her overwhelmingly powerful existence, she had ordered the Moon Ouroboros multitude of a multitude of times to create a scene like this. There were times when the population of the world had gotten way too large and she had reduced their number. There were even times when she had completely erased a whole species.


– Really?

Were those things really done by her?

Those were the things the Goddess did, and… wasn’t it that I’ve never really seen a scene like this ever before?


Dina cry
Illustration from AWLBA Light Novel Volume 7


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    1. Thank you.
      The ETA for when the chapter will come out is in posted on the side of my page. There is a release schedule with a screenshot of a spreadsheet. You can click on the image to enlarge it, the ETA gives date for all chapters up until the end.
      As for why the last few chapters had a strange release, please refer to the notice/TLN in the last 2 chapters.


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