Chapter 157 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 157 – Teaser

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Dina was the Goddess’s avatar born from an elven father and a human mother.

In regard to how many avatars there were before she, even she did not know.

In all likelihood, till this point, just the same as this time, a human’s womb which was already on land was borrowed and an avatar was given birth. When the previous generation passed away, a subsequent avatar would be born once more.

Dina registered all previous generations of avatars as “herself”. Similarly, the Goddess also considered all generation as “herself”. After all, avatars were a clone of the Goddess, as such all of them were essentially the same person.

Although she possessed the name, Dina, given to her by her birth parents, that was nothing more than a name attached to the new body that she currently occupied. She thought nothing special of the name itself.

As a consequence of all of this, she did not feel all that grateful of the parental love that she received nor did she a sense of guilt for leaving her hometown behind without saying anything to anyone once she grew up to age.

After all, she was the Goddess’s clone. There were no parents to her.

After leaving her hometown, as the proxy of the Goddess, at times, she gave judgement and punished people, at times, she gave reward and blessing to people, and at all times, she treaded around the world.

It was at this time. The time that she found out the existence of Ruphas Mafahl who was gaining prominence in those recent years.

Notwithstanding that she was just an adventurer, she was re-enacting a story of the heroic tale which was not in the countless number of established “Goddess’s scenario” by going around and saving several countries. Within the list of magical beasts which were defeated by her, there were even likes of the renowned Dragon King Ladon.


This might be considered a risk factor.


After regarding Ruphas’s existence as a risk, Dina infiltrated into the kingdom which was founded and used mind manipulation on the people to make sure that her existence was not detected. For the off chance situation that she bumped into someone and were temporarily detected, to avoid suspicion, she also implanted a fake memory which made people that “she was an advisor”. With this, she roamed around the Mafahl Tower just as she was some kind of a background object and successfully undertook an extremely bold and daring activity of observing Ruphas Mafahl from close by.

After observing Ruphas in this way, Dina reached a single conclusion.

That this woman was extremely dangerous. Way too dangerous.

So dangerous to the extent that was she to be left alone to her own accord, she risked overturning the very foundation of the Goddess’s scenario.

Dina thus thought to eliminate her… however, more that Dina observed her, more that she was made to understand how much of an impossibility it was.


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