Chapter 155 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 155 – Teaser

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(Author note)

Laws of Physics-san: “Yeehaw! It’s finally the great me’s turn to shine!”

Laws of Fantasy: “Well actually…”

Laws of Physics-san: “What… why…?”

Laws of Fantasy: “I came along with Ruphas and Benet. So they’ll still be able to move along like they’re been doing up until now in Midgard, kk?”[1]

Laws of Physics: “…”

* In a dazed state like a clear gown under the moonlight like a night wizard. They’re bringing the laws of their world into another world.


Q: Does that mean even if they move at the Mach+ velocity, it’ll all be fine?

A: Ruphas and Benet would be fine, but for everyone else except for the two of them, the laws of physics will still apply. Therefore there will be a major catastrophe.

(Author note end)



“…By the look of it, it’s a checkmate. Seems we were a little too slow in noticing it.”


At the summit of the Mafahl Tower, a woman was sitting on the throne and muttered as if she had gotten tired of it all.

Her eyes had no glimmer. There was no longer any of that bright and cheeriness on the face of that girl as she once had as an adventurer when she was still a young girl.

She had believed that if she continued to kill, kill and kill her enemies, there would one day be peace.

If it was for the sake of that peace, she did anything that she needed to. By now, she was long used to being called a devil or a monster or an inhumane person.

But it seemed she had far underestimated the might of her own comrades.

By being too overzealous and engrossed with what was in front of her, she failed to take notice of the discontent and unhappiness of the ones who were following behind her.

The Goddess utilised that very misgiving to her advantage such that their hatred and loathing for the woman sitting on the throne had gotten to the point of no return.

Perhaps the only one who was not affected and changed was the Vampire Princess alone. In respect of her willpower which was unyielding like steel, the woman sitting down on the throne felt respect from the bottom of her. In contract, it could be said that the other six individuals were not as strong-willed as the Vampire Princess.

The fact that she was unable to take notice of that difference was perhaps a fault attributable to her own its own.

What was happening was an outcome resulting from choosing to abandon the thinking process under the guise of a convenient word known as trust.

The eyes of the ones whom she called a friend were now clouded with hatred and loathing. It had gotten to the point where any attempt at persuading them was likely to be rendered futile.

Although on the surface, they were still being subservient to her, she knew that behind the scene, they were steadily preparing for insurrection.

Furthermore, she had already ascertained and were aware of the fact that more than half of those in her army held the same opinion as them and were gleefully waiting for that to happen.


[1] Not actually “kk?” in the raw but it has the similar effect. I couldn’t replicate the exact joke in the raw, so you’re stuck with “kk?”, kk?


Benetnash and Ruphas back in Japan
Illustration from the light novel volume 7


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2 thoughts on “Chapter 155 – Teaser (Unedited)

    1. Haha, there’s actually quite a funny line in this chapter (full version) or the next chapter (I don’t remember which); when the author have a small jab at the common isekai tropes.


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