Chapter 154 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 154 – Teaser

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TLN: Apologies for the low-quality translation. This chapter’s “explanations/analogies” were a little difficult to translate and took forever trying to figure out how to word it. Hopefully, it still makes sense and I didn’t butcher it too much. As we are almost at the climax of the main storyline, the seemingly “useless information” in this chapter is actually quite important, please let me know if it doesn’t make sense.




What should I do? I can’t find any clue whatsoever.


We searched every nooks and cranny of Mafahl Tower, however, we spectacularly found nothing.

I thought that there would perhaps at least be a single note left somewhere, but there really was absolutely nothing.

Now that it had gotten to this, I really had no clue. Without a doubt, the first location where I met Dina was here.


So if there’s nothing in this place, where am I support look for?


“Oi, Mafahl. Are you sure you don’t have an idea?”

“Unfortunately, I really don’t. What a problem it’d turned out.”

“I’m not sure about the details, but, isn’t that one called Dina supposed to be the Goddess’s avatar? In that case, couldn’t she have used some kind of memory manipulation technique to convey and leave a message so that only you can understand? If that wasn’t the case, she wouldn’t have specifically added ‘that is within your memory’.”

“Hmm, even if you tell me that…”


Benet suggested a consideration on the matter, however, I really did not know what did not know.

Even if I was told that it was within my memory, the very first location that I could recall where I met Dina was without a doubt, this very place that we were in.

If I were to climb back any further in time, I would no longer be Ruphas, but become “me” (ore).

I first saw the figure of Alovenus in the game on my screen then I was led to this world and…




A voice leaked out of me without meaning to.


Wait, hang on. Just wait a minute…!? That’s right. The very first location where I met Dina wasn’t in this world.


It was in the other world… It was on the Earth, in Japan. In “my” (ore) own room before I became Ruphas. Right in front of my computer’s screen.

At that time, I set Dina as an object within the Mafahl Tower.

Was that what she meant? In other words, that she was not on Midgard, but on the Earth?

If that was truly the case, indeed, it would absolutely be a location where no one other than me would notice.


“Sorry, I just thought of one.”

“Hou? Where is it?”

“It’s in another world.”



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