Chapter 153 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 153 – Teaser

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(Author note)

Trap Search Level 0: Acquired from the starting point. It is able to detect relatively weak traps. Extremely low SP consumption.

Trap Search Level 1: Can be acquired at level 5. It is “only” able to detect instantly fatal traps with high detection rate. Low SP consumption. Even though you acquire this skill early game, there is no use for it at that point in the game.

Trap Search Level 2: Finally a skill which is practical. Can be acquired at level 15. The effect of the skill is dependent on the user’s stats. It is able to detect the majority of the traps but the detection rate is quite low. If a ranger has not at least learnt this skill, then they are not even worth talking about. Low SP consumption.

Trap Search Level 3: Higher version alternative to (or of?) level 2. The effects are enhanced. Can be acquired starting level 30. Moderate SP consumption.

Trap Search Level 4: Higher version alternative of (or to?) level 3. The effects are enhanced. Can be acquired starting level 50. High SP consumption. For someone with a stat like Ruphas or Phecda, this version is more than enough. Although it is not impossible for the skill to fail to detect a trap, the possibility of that happening is lower than winning a division one jackpot from a lottery.

Trap Search Level 5: Higher version alternative of level 5. The effects are enhanced. Can be acquired starting level 100. High SP consumption. At this point, unless the user’s stats are extremely low, it would not fail to detect a trap.

Trap Master: Able to detect all traps. The absolute success rate in detecting a trap regardless of the user’s stat. Because the SP consumption rate is so high, only absurdly strong individuals are able to use it. On the other hand, if they are an absurdly strong individual, level four or five is enough. They would not fail to detect a trap at that point. Can be acquired at level 200. It is a wasteful skill.


Phecda: “Trap Master activated! I can see through any trap with this skill! Oh, there’s a poison arrow trap right there. I’m going to disarm it so please wait for a bi-“

Ruphas: “Too bothersome.” > Progresses forward.

Trap activated > The effect of the poison is nullified using equipment, 1 damage suffered.

Ruphas: “Right, let’s keep going.”

Phecda: “…”


(Author note end)



After being guided by the Earth of the Seven Luminaries, the place that we arrived to was a room which was spacious enough to be able to accommodate around a hundred people.

Looking around from the entrance, there was a throne. On it, the Demon King was sitting with completely the same appearance as I previously saw him.

After noticing our intrusion into the room, he raised his head to look towards us then spoke towards Saturnus.


“You did well. You may fall back.”



After being told so by the Demon King, Saturnus hurriedly left the room.

What a confidence he had to not keep any guard with him.

Although… I suppose it was possible that he knew there was no meaning in keeping a guard with him. However, even if that were the case, since he would be dealing with the two of us by himself, it would not be wrong to conclude that he possessed quite a confidence.

Once the Demon King saw us, he smiled faintly and then slowly stood up.

He then moved the table which was at the corner of the room to the centre, then sat on the accompanying chair.


“Are you not going to sit on the throne?”

“That’s just there so maintain the majesty when the subordinates come into the room. I mean, there’s no way I would ordinarily be sitting there all the time when it’s my own room.”


He does have a point right there.

Well but at least in that case, sit on your throne when you’re having an audience with a guest. Why is the throne even in your personal room anyways?


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