Chapter 152 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 152 – Teaser

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We ended up finding the Demon King’s castle very quickly.

Or rather, Argonautai had apparently long identified the location of the castle.

Well, I supposed after flying around with Castor for 200 years, it made sense for them to have at least searched out the enemy’s base of operation.

Even amongst the Dark Continent, it was a wasteland which was particularly dense in mana. In the midst of the wasteland soared a cliff with an enormous black castle.

Indeed, that majestic and dignified appearance really screamed, “I am the last dungeon!” There was a large number of scary-looking magical beasts flying about and patrolling surroundings area. Furthermore, dark clouds obstructed the sunlight to keep the place in a perpetual night time.

Thunder from the lightning resounded, creating an eerie atmosphere.


If anything, this castle is way too much of a stereotypical template that lately, you actually don’t see these settings much anymore.

Also, I think about it every time I see these kinds of castles, but… if you collapse the cliff from the outside, wouldn’t the castle drop down and kill all the small fries in one go? I mean, I’m not going to do that but…

Why is it that the Demon King’s castles are always situated at an unstable place like the edge of the cliff or some precipice?

Isn’t it just so inconvenient? Or rather… honestly speaking, it’s a type of building I’d not want to live in.

Actually, it’s that, you know? I just genuinely want to question why there’s a castle casually standing in the middle of nowhere even though this place isn’t even the capital?

Since he’s a king, I assume that he would naturally be sustaining himself on the tax money that receives from his citizens. But with where this castle was, it must have been quite a hassle for the person bringing in those tax money.

Build the cities closer to your castle!

… Well… I can’t say much to others because of Mafahl Tower.


“So, what now? Do you want to shoot it down from the outside?”

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