Chapter 151 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 151 – Teaser

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From Aigokeros, Pisces and Sagittarius’s body, power welled up in an explosive manner.

As their master, Ruphas, surpassed the limits, their levels were also pulled up in the process, allowing them to reach the height of level 1000 after breaking past the level 800 wall.

The difference in level was not something that could be shrugged off and ignored. As a matter of fact, the higher the number associated with the level, the more important the difference in level became.

For example, even if one individual’s level was to be double that of another person’s, if they were level 1 and level 2, then there was not a monumental difference between them.

Needless to say, even a difference in one level could not be looked upon lightly, however, there was still a not insignificant chance that a level 1 individual may end up winning against the level 2 individual.

But if the doubling of the numerical value described a level 10 and level 20 situation, then the difference between the two of them would not be able to be overturned by normal means. Furthermore, if the doubling was describing level 100 and 200, then the difference between the two of them were definitive and conclusive.

Between the Twelve Stars and the Evil God, the level difference was 200. Even compared to Libra, there was a level difference of 90.

There was a definitive difference in ability born out of those 200 levels. And after Aigokeros and the others had instantly filled it, the Evil God must have sensed the abnormality.

Even without exchange words, he no doubt must have understood it.

That just now, the scale which was barely maintaining the balance fatally shifted in his enemy’s favour.


“Now then, let’s finish this, suspicious one. In respect to your strength, I will show you all that I’ve got to give. Look carefully… at the real appearance of the Devil King Aigokeros!”[1]


[1] Raw is just Maou, so it could just be the “demon king Aigokeros”. For now it’s written as Devil King because he was introduced in this way.


Aigokeros full power


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