Chapter 140 – Phoenix Used Leer!

Chapter 140 – Phoenix Used Leer![1]

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Notice 1: “Asterion” in chapter 134 has been changed to “Asterius” to stay more in line with the raw. “Ganymedes” has been chosen over “Ganymede” also for the same reason.

Notice 2: This is my last chapter for this batch. Chapter 141 to 150 will be published over at Vecna’s website. I will update the “Next chapter” link at the bottom when the chapter is published (I haven’t been informed of the ETA but probably in 4 or 5 days’ time). I hope to see you all when it is time for chapter 151 (ETA: If everything goes well, 2020/03/16? Haha, we wish xD But let’s be optimistic! :X)




In the face of the two individuals, Phoenix and Hydrus, charging towards it, the Fire Ouroboros’s avatar showed no reaction.

It was unknown whether it judged it to be unnecessary to retaliate against their attacks or if it was simply unable to keep up with the two’s speed.

Whatever the case, it was convenient that it wasn’t moving. Phoenix sharply glared at the avatar whilst attacking.

Amongst all skills, there existed a few skills that were exclusive to magical beasts and could not be used by humanoids.

One such skill went by the name of [Shackle Eyes].[2] The effects of the skill decreased the targeted individual’s defence and made them unable to move for a very short period of time.

Following this, Phoenix raised his arm up, causing a fire twister to rise up from below the avatar’s feet.

It was the Fire attribute arcane magic [Flare Tornado].[3] Although the firepower was by no means high, it continually hit the enemy and was able to restrain them until the skill was completed.

However, the damage caused by that skill was nil. After all, the enemy was the Fire Ouroboros, an existence which could very well be called the pinnacle of Fire attribute creatures. Against an entity like that, no matter how strong of a Fire attribute was to be used, it would be meaningless. If anything, it might have had the opposite effect as the ouroboros could simply absorb the attacks to regenerate its HP.

Therefore, this was nothing more than a way to delay him for a moment. The real deal, in this case, was the attack from Hydrus.


“Tidal Wave!”[4]


Out of the Water attribute spells, which was the speciality of Megrez, there was a high-tier arcane magic called Tidal Wave. Tidal Wave was a large area-of-effect arcane magic that conjured a vectored tsunami which was then used to crush the enemies.

The spell was one of the core skills amongst the Water attribute arcane magic due to its impact strength, scale, and cost of usage all being outstanding. As a consequence, it was not an exaggeration to say that whether an individual could proficiently use this skill or not determined their true value as a specialised Water attribute arcane magic-user.

Within the prison made out of ice, which was by no means tight – height 50m, length 1km and width 800m – a tsunami which covered the space raged about.

Aquarius and the others deployed a barrier to completely prevent the skill from affecting them, however, the avatar was subjected to the raging water.

Subsequently, the tsunami continued on and almost hit the real body of the ouroboros, a scenario which was only avoided because Aquarius deployed a barrier to prevent it.


“You idiot! Don’t hit the real body! What if it wakes up!?”

“I, I’m sorry.”


Their original plan was to keep the ouroboros with the bad sleeping habits asleep. If they were to end up waking him, it would be counterproductive.

After being scolded by Aquarius, Hydrus lowered his head.

Seeing that appearance, Phoenix laughed to make a fool out of him, which caused Hydrus’s face to become indignant.

Yet even with the two of them attacking in that way, the avatar had yet to move.

It was still standing as upright as it had been originally.


“Bastard, he’s underestimating us.”

“Is he saying that our attacks aren’t even worth avoiding? We’ll crush that complacency of his!”


Looking at the still unperturbed appearance of the avatar, the two of them irritatedly charged and kicked it at the same time.

The power of their kicks was not insignificant. Just the previous day, when they invaded the demon’s city, this simple kick destroyed a skyscraper with a height of over 50m in one hit. Furthermore, the wind pressure which was created by that kick alone collectively destroyed many buildings which were behind that skyscraper.

The avatar was hit by the two of them at the same time! With perfect timing, the two individuals slammed it right into the avatar’s face. However, as soon as it connected, both of their faces distorted in astonishment.


What the hell is this… it’s so hard!?

And it’s heavy! Even though we slammed it right from the front, it won’t even budge a little!


How were they to describe this bizarre tactile sensation?

Perhaps if they were ordinary people, they would have analogised it to something like, “It felt like kicking steel.” However, for those two individuals, destroying steel was as easy as destroying a sandcastle.

As a consequence, they were not able to find an analogy which suited the situation.

The enemy was simply that hard. Simply that heavy.

Nevertheless, it seemed they were successful in at least grabbing its attention somewhat.

The avatar, which had not bothered to move until now, moved in an easy-going manner and took hold of the two individuals’ ankles.



“B, bastard… so strong!”


Surprisingly, just from the strength of its grip, their ankles were placed under so much pressure that their bones shattered.

The two of them immediately assessed the situation and determined that it was impossible to escape. The moment they did so, they used Knife-Hand Strike to amputate their own feet and created some distance between themselves and the enemy.

A moment afterwards, a flame blew out of Phoenix’s leg and his foot was regenerated. For Hydrus, on the other hand, new flesh grew out of the amputated cross-section and a new foot was materialised.

While this was happening, as if to follow up on his attack on the two of them, the avatar also used a Knife-Hand Strike towards them, sending invisible blades in their direction.

But due to the effect of [Sadachbia], the blades went around the two individuals as if they were actively dodging them on their own, causing the attacks to miss.

In this brief period of time, the two of them regained their posture and then flared up with rage.


“Yer little shit! Don’t look down on me!”

“I’ll kill you, bastard!”


One would wonder what had happened to their usual classiness.

After being thrown into a complete frenzy, the two individuals’ eyes became bloodshot and they started raging about violently as magical beasts.

Phoenix first conjured flames out of both of his arms, eventually merging them together in order to create a shiny white orb.

The orb which was fired was one of the highest-tier Fire attribute single-target offensive arcane magic.

This attack penetrated elemental resistance, even if someone had the same Fire attribute affinity. It was the origin of flames which scorched everything.

Its name was –


“Burn them all! [Prometheus]!”[5]


An extremely hot white ball of flames, which surpassed even 10 000 000°C in temperature, directly hit the avatar, slightly melting the surrounding ice which was not supposed to melt.[6]

And in unison with Phoenix’s attack, Hydrus also activated arcane magic which ranked in the highest tier but of the Water attribute.

Although overall, it was one-upped by [Hermes Trismegistus], which had been previously used by Dina. Still, in terms of single-target Water attribute arcane magic, it was undoubtedly the one with the highest destructive power. The skill’s effects were simple in that it used the raw power of water to crush the enemy to death.[7]

The skill was strong enough that, with its momentum, a target hit by the skill could be sent flying to the bottom of the sea.


“Get crushed and die! [Oceanus]!”[8]


As if all the water in the seas had been compressed, an extremely heavy mass of water slammed into the avatar at the same time as [Prometheus].

Yet, the two of them were not finished with their attacks.

Now that the extremely hot flames and massive amount of water had violently exploded on the avatar, the upcoming attack would be the real deal.

The flames from [Prometheus] evaporated and vaporised [Oceanus]’s water which, as a result, exploded.

And it was not just a simple explosion. Phoenix and Hydrus simultaneously erected a spherical barrier around the avatar and contained the explosion. By doing so, the large-scale combustion, which would ordinarily have been enough to burn away a very large continent, was trapped in a spherical space with a radius of 1.5m.

– Luminescence. Followed by an explosion.

Due to it being contained in that small space, the visual representation of the blast was toned down. Nevertheless, the might of its power was definitely at the level of a catastrophic disaster.

The sight of the avatar was obstructed due to the smoke which was formed from the surplus of energy that overflowed from the attack. In this situation, Hydrus and Phoenix smiled after believing that they had won the battle.


“Did we do it?”

“There isn’t even a need to check. There’s no one who’d be fine after taking an attack like that.”


From the looks of it, it seemed the two of them were completely convinced that they had won.

Aries, impressed with what had happened, was watching the scene with his eyes wide open.

That attack just then was actually amazing. If it had critically hit him, even he would not be able to get away without taking a large amount of damage.

It was even possible that his HP would have been shaved down to a dangerous point with just one hit.


“Wow, that was amazing, both of you.”

Nice fight! That was a better result than me was expecting!”

“Hmm. I guess if you asked me if it was amazing, it would be, but… Aquarius, what do you think?”


In contrast to Aries and Karkinos who gave honest praises, Scorpius’s response was somewhat cold.

Seeing Scorpius like this, Aquarius smiled bitterly then followed up with an honest opinion of her own.


“Well, I suppose it was a job well done. You guys shaved down more of his HP than I was expecting.”


At the same time as Aquarius was saying that, a compressed heat flash came flying out of the smoke.

The two blasts of heat flash missed the two of them once again due to the effect of [Sadachbia], however, the attack from the red shadow which followed immediately afterwards could not be avoided.

That shadow gripped the two individual’s heads before they could even react then slammed them into the ground.

The floor made out of ice, which had barely melted even from [Prometheus], cracked from the impact and the whole city of Nectar shook like there was an earthquake.

Of course, Phoenix and Hydrus did not just take the attack without retaliating. Even whilst in the position of being pushed down on the ground and bleeding profusely, they kicked him back.

But it was fruitless. The avatar did not budge even the tiniest amount.

The avatar relied on its raw strength to slam their two heads together before releasing them from its hands and roundhouse kicking the two of them.

After just one attack from the avatar, they were sent flying away as if they were withered twigs, resulting in the two of them caving right into the ice wall.

Due to the excessive damage they had suffered, their limbs were broken and one of Phoenix’s arms was torn off.


“Tsk, you’ve done it now!”

“Shit, don’t underestimate us!”


The two of them immediately started regenerating their wounds, during which time, they leapt off the wall to punch at the avatar.

They began to barrage the avatar with punches and kicks with such a speed that not even the Seven Luminaries would be able to follow them with their eyes, yet every one of those attacks were rendered ineffective.

They were all blocked, parried and dodged.

When one thought that the two of them had disappeared and reappeared behind the avatar, the avatar had already circled around behind them. Furthermore, with what looked like a light push, the two of them were knocked down.

No, the attack did not even connect. Even that push had missed due to the effect of [Sadachbia].

Nonetheless, because of the wind pressure from that push, the two of them were knocked down.


“What, how can this be…!?”

“We’re… being treated like children…!?”


The avatar’s eyes thinned as if it was getting bored, then it dropped a finishing attack on top of them.

An impact sounded after a delay. A shockwave exploded from the spot.

Yet, the two individuals did not feel pain upon their bodies. When they opened their eyes to check the attack which had been coming down upon them, the fist had been stopped by Karkinos’s frame moments before hitting them.


Well done! Both of you fought magnificently. Having said that, it’s about time to switch players. From now on, me and the others will take on the responsibility.”


Karkinos gripped his fist and released a counter.

Utilising the enemy’s attack itself, a single hit from Acubens struck the avatar’s cheek, sending the avatar, which had barely budged up until this point, into the ice wall.

In the face of this unexpected situation, the avatar was blinking in confusion whilst Karkinos got his scissors out. During this time, Aries and Scorpius came to stand on either side of Karkinos.


“Everyone, watch out for that guy’s grabs. It seems that it’s a skill with absolute accuracy. Because the absolute evasion effect that should have been cast on Phoenix and Hydrus didn’t work at all.”

“Is what she said, did you hear that? Can you handle it?”


After receiving Aquarius’s warnings, Scorpius prompted Aries without breaking the smile that she had on her face.

Upon being asked so, Aries strongly replied with a face full of confidence.


“It’s fine. If I know about it, I’ll manage somehow!”


The moment he said that, he charged straight in, closing in right next to the avatar in an instant.

As both side’s affinities were Fire attribute, Aries’s action could not be called anything but reckless.

The reason was that his opponent was an existence which stood at the pinnacle of the Fire attribute. On the other hand, in terms of a Fire attribute magical beast, Aries was categorically as good as the weakest.

In other words, this was a fight which should have never even happened in the first place. Nevertheless, Aries was no longer the weakest existence right now.

He had had his abilities honed up by Ruphas. He also had the equipment which he had received from her.

As such, there was no need for him to fear anything. All he had to do was trust in the power of his master and face his enemy with all of his might.




Aries continuously hit the avatar with his fists. The gloves that he was wearing allowed him to bypass the avatar’s attribute resistance and deal damage.

In terms of numerical value, the damage dealt was 99 999. It was because the higher the enemy’s maximum HP, the stronger Aries’s attacks became.

In response, the avatar tried to counter-attack, but…it did not hit!

The avatar’s attacks against Aries, who was protected by the Good Luck Star, missed the target as if the attacker was purposefully avoiding the enemy. It did not even scratch the target.

As such, the avatar tried to grab Aries. However, this attack had already been showcased in the battle against Phoenix and Hydrus.

Aries quickly dodged backwards and, utilising his falling momentum, put his hands on the ground and spun his body further away.

Whilst Aries continuously somersaulted backwards multiple times, a scorpion’s pincer came flying in, grabbing the avatar’s arm in the process.

The equipment, which was given by Ruphas, was already showing its value.


“Unfortunately, the specialty of gripping the enemy is not exclusive to you.”


Scorpius stuck her tongue out from her mouth and licked her purple lips, then proceeded to pull the avatar by relying on her raw strength.

After the distance between her and the avatar became close enough, she used a claw to attack!

After inflicting the avatar with her poison which ate away even mana itself, she kicked him away and created some distance once more.

The one to follow up with an attack in this situation was Aquarius.

The apparition of the young girl hid into the water pitcher, then Ganymedes directed the opening of the water pitcher in the avatar’s direction.


“Freeze Duster!”


Aquarius’s voice resounded from inside the water pitcher. Immediately following that, a countless number of ice shards were blasted from the inside of the water pitcher.

Furthermore, the velocity at which the shards came flying out was truly ridiculous.

Due to them being blasted out so fast, the shards all looked as if they were connected to one another.

If it were analogised to something, it would be like a wave made out of ice. If someone who was unable to keep up with the extreme velocity of the shards with their eyes saw this scene, they would only be able to register that a gigantic wave was coming out of the water pitcher.

However, even whilst being showered in a storm of ice, the avatar leapt straight towards Aquarius.

But this time, a contradictory phenomenon occurred.

As if being sucked in by gravity, his attack along with his body was pulled towards Karkinos.

This was one of Karkinos’s skills, [Asellus Borealis].[9] The effect of this skill redirected all physical attacks to himself. In other words, it was an “absolute get-hit” skill that could not be avoided by any means.

The avatar’s palm was forced to grab Karkinos and slam him down into the ground, however, Karkinos immediately stood back up, took hold of the avatar’s head then slammed it down onto the ground in the same manner.

Karkinos then topped it off with an ordinary automatic attack! A kick from Karkinos’s long legs slammed into the avatar’s neck, sending its body flying away.


“Do it now, Aries!”

“Leave it to me! [Mesarthim Version 3]!”


In this situation where the avatar was thrown off his stance, a rainbow-coloured raging fireball was fired at it without a moment of delay.

And the avatar had no way to avoid it.

Then – the moment before it hit, its mouth curled up into a smile – the avatar was swallowed up by god-killing flames.



(Author note)


[The two individuals who served as the dogs who bite (guinea pigs)]

As their assigned role suggests, they lost.

Well, they still fought bravely until the end.

Though, I will advocate for them and say that they are actually not weak. If anything, they are super strong.

Having said that, now that we are having a battle in the latter half of the story, they may seem like weak characters.


[Shackle Eyes]



[Flare Tornado]

Fire Spin



One of the highest-tier Fire attribute single-target offensive arcane magic.

The skill ignores the enemy’s elemental attribute resistance and deals a large amount of damage.

Although it also depends on the power level of the user, when this arcane magic is used by Phoenix, it can reach extreme temperatures as high as 10 000 000°C.[10]

This temperature is approximately the same as the plasma that is blown out of the surface of the sun.

Zetton: “It’s lukewarm.”[11]



In-text, I wrote it as, “as if all the water in the seas had been compressed”, but it’s actually not heavy to that extent.

In the end, “as if” is just “as if”. Honestly speaking, it’s just hyperbole.

In actuality, it’s only about a few hundred billion metric tonnes worth of weight. So it’s not even 1% of all the water in the ocean. Although, it’s still a lot if you think about it.[12]

Although this skill is boasted as being in the strongest class of Water attribute single target arcane magic, because the skill is reliant on the user’s stats, Hydrus’s attack is actually not that strong.[13]

As an analogy, it would be something like making a Gyarados use the Hydro Pump skill. Use Aqua Tail! Or Waterfall![14]


(Author note end)




[1] Leer: “”.

[2] Shackle Eyes (縛眼)

[3] Flare Tornado (フレアトルネード)

[4] Tidal Wave (タイダルウェイブ)

[5] Prometheus (プロメーテウス) is a Titan who stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans.”.

[6] 10 000 000°C = 18 000 032°F. This is about the upper-end of the temperature range in the Sun’s corona. “”.

[7] Hermes Trismegistus (三重に偉大なヘルメス), chapter 112 Dina.

[8] Oceanus (オーケアノス): “”. The Titan of the river Okeanos.

[9] Asellus Borealis (アセルス・ボレアリス).”.

[10] 10 000 000°C = 18 000 032°F. So… above, the author said “surpassed” this temperature. Now the author note says “maximum”. But yea, keep in mind, we are translating a web novel and not the published light novel. So it’s technically just a draft version.

[11] Zetton: “”; “”.

[12] As a reference, the total mass of the Earth’s hydrosphere is approximately 1.4 quintillion tonnes (1.4 * 10^18). Hundred billions are in the 10^11s range. Although… if you can understand what I’m saying, you probably don’t need me to tell you that xD. And if you can’t understand what I’m saying, this note wouldn’t help you either way xD.”.

[13] If you recall, Hydrus is a pure physical class. Thus, he has a low intelligence (INT) stat, meaning the skill’s damage doesn’t scale too well with him.

[14] According to the wiki, Gyarados has a 125 base attack stat but only a 60 base special attack stat. Hydro Pump is a very strong skill (110 base power) but it scales off the special attack stat. Although Aqua Tail (90 base power) and Waterfall (80 base power) are not as strong as Hydro Pump, they scale off the attack stat. So by simplifying the math (although there’s other factors);

Hydro Pump: 110 base power x 60 special attack stat = 6600 damage.

Aqua Tail: 90 base power x 125 attack stat = 11 250 damage.

Waterfall: 80 base power x 125 attack stat = 10 000 damage.

So even though Hydro Pump does more damage as a skill, if a normal Gyarados (without doping) is the one using it, then Aqua Tail and Waterfall will do more damage. It’s a similar deal with Hydrus.

Gyarados, Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail and Waterfall are all from Pokémon.

Gyarados: “”.

Hydro Pump: “”.

Aqua Tail: “”.

Waterfall: “”.


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