Chapter 140 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 140– Teaser

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In the face of two individuals, Phoenix and Hydrus, charging towards its avatar, the Fire Outoboros showed no reaction.

It was unknown whether it judged it to be unnecessary to retaliate against the attacks or if it simply was unable to keep up with the two’s speed.

Whichever it was, not moving was a convenient result. Phoenix sharply glared at the avatar whilst attacking.

Amongst all the skills, there existed a few magical beast exclusive skills that could not be used by a person of the humanoid background.

One such skill went by the name, [Shackle Eyes].[1] The effect of the skill was to decrease the targeted individual’s defence as well as making them unable to move for a very short period of time.

Following this, Phoenix raised his arm up, causing a fire twister to rise up from below the avatar’s feet.

It was the Fire attribute arcane magic [Flare Tornado].[2] Although the power fire was by no means high, it continually hits the enemy and was able to restrain them until the skill was completed.

However, the damage caused by that skill was nil. After all, the enemy was a Fire Ouroboros, an existence which could very well be called a pinnacle of Fire attribute creature. Against an entity like that, however much of a Fire attribute was to be used, it was meaningless. If anything, it may have had an opposite effect as the ouroboros may simply absorb the attacks to regenerates its HP.

Therefore, this was nothing more than a way to delay him for a moment. The real deal, in this case, was the attack from Hydrus.


[1] Shackle eyes (縛眼)

[2] Flare Tornado (フレアトルネード)


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