Chapter 139 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 139– Teaser

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Aries and the others annihilated the demon’s town within a single night. The following day, they were invited to the ice palace.

Inside the palace, all four sides were made out of ice that did not melt. Additionally, there were knights adorned by ice swords and armours which were lined up in an unmoving posture.

Aries wondered if they felt cold inside. Perhaps the thing inside was not a living person.

No, it may have been that there was no one inside in the first place.

At the throne was a young man who was wearing extravagant clothing resting his arms on the armrest and looking down onto the five individuals in Aries’s group as if to evaluate them.

But the observation must have finished. He opened his arms wide in an exaggerated manner and spoke out towards the five of them in a way as if he was playing out a script.


“You hast done Us a great justice, travellers. Your achievement of striking down Pluto, truly splendid it was. As a reward, I shall award you what you seek. Property, honour, or authority? Speak up as you wish.”


Hearing that Scorpius muttered, “Ain’t that generous?”

Additionally, she questioned the hilarity of the whole situation.

It seemed that even after getting this far, he had yet to understand who he was speaking to.

Even taking into account that 200 years of time had passed, for him to forget their faces, what a dishonest man he was.

Scorpius pulled her hair up and stared at him in contempt.


“My, my, is that so. In that case, my wish is to meet Aquarius, Mr Substitute.”

“Huh? What are you saying? I am that Aqua…”



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6 thoughts on “Chapter 139 – Teaser (Unedited)

      1. i know that he fake, i just mean that there’s another ‘USELESS AQUA’ appearing here XD
        since Aquarius look already spoilered on this site banner, a girl inside a giant water keg

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      2. You mean in this teaser chapter and not in the banner? I can’t see the water keg in the banner, but there’s a massive picture in this teaser chapter. I don’t know who the man is though. Maybe the fire ouroboros?

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