Chapter 138 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 138– Teaser

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After entering the tavern, what Aries and the rest saw were a bunch of lively “humanoids” that should not have existed in the Dark Continent.

Their ranges included but were not limited to human, beastkin, elf, flugel, dwarf and hobbit. The fact that humanoids were actually living here was an astonishing sight.

Ever since the Seven Heroes had lost against the Demon King, the humanoids had their right of existence slowly taken away and by now they were only left with a small area of land – in specific, they could only live in the small area of land where Aries and the rest were undertaking their activities up to this point.

Yet, to think that they were living normally in Muspelheim, which boosted the great level of danger even within the Dark Continent.

The inside of the shop, which was being enveloped by ice which would not disappear away, people were sitting whilst wearing heavy clothing for the purpose of keeping warm and drinking alcoholic beverages and having friendly conversations.

At the very least, they did not seem like they were living whilst being scared of what would happen the following day or were shrouded in a dark atmosphere.


“This is kind of a given, but it doesn’t seem like the furniture themselves are made out of ice, huh.”


Scorpius touched a random table and muttered in a disinterested voice.



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