Chapter 137 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 137– Teaser

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It must have been approximately three hours since we had continued to fly in the Dark Continent.

After being prompted, “We’re beginning to be able to see it,” I got up to the deck of the ship.

Looking around, I saw that other people in our journey were also gathered already and that they were surprised by the state of Muspulheim which they saw in front of them.

Muspelheim, one of the locations where “Ouroboros” was sealed.

It was told that Muspelheim was a place with a strange phenomenon where the fire did not revert back to mana. Thereby it was said to be surrounded by flames which never disappeared.

Its temperature was said to be around a thousand degrees Celsius and thus, was of an environment where living organisms could not really inhabit. (wording)

In one legend, it was discussed that it may have been as a result of some sacred treasure’s influence.


Well, all of that was the second-hand information provided by Libra.

But… hearsay really can’t be relied upon.


When I was supplied with the aforementioned explanation, I had pictured in my own head that Muspelheim was a land enclosed by flame, but the reality and what I had predicted it would be was significantly different.


Or more like, this is…


“It’s frozen.”

“Yeah… It’s frozen.”


(… Ehh… interesting and useful but long Author Note)


[I will hereby explain the standard of level groups in this world, without the effect of doping]

I don’t have much to write about right now, so I will go through the approximate reference point of each level group. Please note that this is not an absolute of each category, but along the lines of “well… probably this strong” type of thing, so please keep that in mind.


  • Level 1 – 3

An ordinary person. In terms of Earthling, level 1 is a child, level 2 is an average adult man and level 3 has the strength of a professional sportsman. In other words, even if you bring a professional baseball player and such to this world, they would only possess abilities as strong as a level 3 person.


  • Level 4 – 10

A range of level who would be deemed sort of able to fight, even in Midgard. A newbie adventurer would fit in this range.

As a side note, in terms of Earthlings, level 4 would be at the level of a professional martial artist. The strongest amongst them might become a world champion, however, there would be barely any difference in terms of their status. An Earthling which could reach level 5 are probably just the rarest of the rarest.


  • Level 11 – 15

Enough to be considered a full-fledged adventurer. As long as they are not overly zealous, they would be able to scrape by and live stably. Even amongst the knight’s order, they would be fine as a lowly squire.


  • Level 16 – 30

Sufficient level to call one-self full-fledged. As an adventurer, they can call themselves top-class. Even amongst the knight’s order, it’s sufficiently strong and depending on the situation, may even be in the position to lead some subordinates.

The lowest point at which a person may call themselves strong. Taking a holistic view, it can be called the low end of the top tier.


  • Level 31 – 50

As an adventurer, the first-class. If anything, why are they still being an adventurer at this level? Well, yeah, that kind of strength. Jean’s group [Hawkeye] fits in this category. In truth, they are actually really amazing.

Even amongst the knight’s order, they have the strength to be a commander. Once a person reaches level 50, it would not be strange for them to be promoted into a royal guard.

In practice, in some smaller kingdoms, warriors at this level are named as “strongest in a kingdom”.


  • Level 51 – 70

A charismatic strong individual that the whole continue would know about. Once an individual reaches this stage, when they are being addressed by others, they would no doubt be referred with “the strongest of…” in their title somewhere.

In an often seen adventure guild setting, they may be someone that is assigned the class of S rank. Although… those categories don’t exist in this world.

Individually, they have the strength of going against a small platoon and depending on a situation, against a mid-sized platoon.


  • Level 71 – 99

Insanely strong. It wouldn’t be strange for them to be named the strongest of the humanoids. In practice, in a few different age of civilisations, this was actually the strongest levels of the humanoids.

In normal RPG games, this would be the level cap tiered characters which can do amazing things. It would not be strange for them to be called a legend.

I made this category whilst keeping in mind of average medieval times fantasy world RPG games’ level 100 threshold’s strength.


  • Level 100 – 200

Individuals who have surpassed the limit of a human. A living legend.

Although it would depend on the way they fight, it is not impossible for these people to destroy a country on their own. Their existence itself becomes a weapon.


  • Level 201 – 300

Alone, they can be a threat to a kingdom. A walking strategic level weapon. If they run, they would be able to move faster the speed of sound. Their arcane magic would be able to burn away a forest. Their sword attacks would create fissures in the land itself. If these individuals were not in an insanely exaggerated world like this series, it would not be strange for them to serve the role of the last boss.

With their strength, they would be able to fight against an Earth’s large army of battalions alone. (But no nuclear weapon!)

Eh? There’s also an Earthling commando who can cause a third world war to erupt as if they’re a one-man army?

……… Is that person really human?


  • Level 301 – 500

The category where an individual would exist and be passed down in myths and legends.

Individually, they would be able to easily surpass a kingdom’s military might and change even the weather.

If these individuals were to get serious, they could even completely erase a small area of land. By now, they have transcended the strength of a living being.

In all likelihood, they can fight against the entire Japanese defence force in a frontal assault on equal footing. Still no nuclear weapon.

But if they’re over level 400, there is a possibility they can withstand nuclear strikes.



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