Chapter 135 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 135– Teaser

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(I/my/me of this paragraph is in “ore” unless specified otherwise.)


The day after the battle against Pollux who was manipulated by the Goddess ended.

We had rented the most spacious room of the inn and almost everyone was gathered in the place.

The Twelve Stars and I was a given, a young boy Sei, Terra, Luna and even Benetnash were there in this place.

However, as you would have understood from the moment I said “almost everyone”, not everyone was here.

First of all, Leon. He returned after the battle ended.

He had said that he had no intention to get along, but it really was just like him to act in that way.

And there was one other person… Dina, who had disappeared right before Pollux’s raid was also not here.

At the time, I simply thought that she was having an awfully long toilet break and nothing more. Notwithstanding, she did not show herself even after the battle had ended and needless to say, she was also not at the toilet. Her whereabouts had become completely unknown.

Therefore, at this moment in time, with the exception of Leon and Dina, everyone was gathered in this place.

… And one more thing. Although it was a very joyful miscalculation, once the skill [Alkaid] was deactivated, compared to the activated state, “my” (ore) thoughts and consciousness returned back to me.

As predicted, that skill calls and awakens the real Ruphas up. Although I may get stronger, the trade-off for that skill was quite detrimental and self-destructive to me.

Overuse is no good – was what I would have wanted to say, however, it was a skill I would no doubt have to use when I have a go against the Demon King in the future.

Pollux Dina Libra Ruphas


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