Chapter 133 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 133 – Teaser

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“Thank you so much, Fairy Princess-sama. With the divine sword that milady has bestowed upon me, I will definitely defeat the King of the Demons and bring peace back to the world.”

“…. Yeah… If it’s you, you will ‘definitely’ be able to achieve that. Please take care in your journey.”


—This conversation went back a few thousand years into the past.

At the time, the world was on the brink of annihilation by the hands of the King of the Demons who was leading the army of darkness to wipe out the humanoids when the hero rose up with his tightly knit comrades with strong bonds.

To those people, Pollux bestowed legendary equipment, taught them the King of the Demons’s weakness and sent them out.

On a journey of death that she knew for certain that they would never be able to return from.

After sending away their figures, Pollux lowered her head.


“…. How stupid. Why is that no one ever raises a question…? Even though everything is going just too smoothly.”


The King of the Demons’s weakness? …. Don’t make me laugh. There’s no such thing.

After all, that thing is a divine beast created by the Goddess to manage the world. He is one of the pillars which make up the arbitrators.

He is an agent of the Goddess and has the same existence as my real body.


In the face of such a thing, there was no reason for humans to be able to win. People were just not made by the Goddess to be able to win against that thing.

If they fought with each other seriously, the outcome was already predetermined.

But even then, the heroes were likely to win. That was how the scenario was completed.




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