Chapter 132 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 132 – Teaser

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(Author note)

This time, it’s the Lion-san’s turn to be matchless.

This is the time to restore from dishonour.

(Author note end)



“Leon… why are you here?”


Whilst Aries was fallen on the ground, he looked up at his unexpected rescuer.

The relationship between Leon and Aries could not be called good by any means. If anything, it was not a mistake to call it the worst.

It was not as if Aries particularly hated Leon. However, Leon cleared looked down upon Aries and held him in contempt.

Leon had always called Aries as a small-fry monster from a long ago and he should not have had the personality to try and help out even when Aries was about to be killed by the enemy.

If anything, he probably would have just said “an end befitting of a small-fry” and would not even have put his mind to it. Leon was that kind of a man who only evaluated the strength of the individual and considered the strength to be the absolute justice.

That was why this was a seemingly impossible situation.


“I came because I smelt a very familiar smell, but looks like you guys are having a quite extravagant party. A banquet like these is wasted on a small-fry like you… I’ll devour the rest for you.”


Leon’s mouth distorted whilst his still technically humanoid face turned savage and ferocious just like that of a wild beast.

Snap snap… with that sound, Leon’s muscles expanded turning his already bulky log-like arms even thicker.

Veins popped out all throughout his body and just from the heat being generated from him, the surrounding airspace distorted as a mirage.


“Just keeping lying there and look… I’ll show you the way I fight.”


Hydra vs Leo
Illustration from AWLBA light novel – Dragon King vs Leon


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 132 – Teaser (Unedited)

      1. Yeah, though I thought of it more so as something similar to when Gantz and Jean were playing cards with Ruphas in her hotel room, with Sei being weirded out by it. Elf nii-san, the tiger and cat would likely be terrified by the scene of them casually playing cards with Ruphas, and they likely also are feeling the same way about the current events, while Sei isn’t as terrified, but still affected. That’s how the two scenes feel similar to me.

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