Chapter 131 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 131 – Teaser

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When Benetnash opened her eyes, she was in her own familiar room, within her coffin (bed).

However, do not be too quick to ridicule it just because it is a coffin. After all, the coffin was a first-class luxury item specifically made for her and inlaid and stuffed with top-tier feather quilt crafted by the kingdom’s alchemists so that she would be able to pass her time in comfort and was one of Benetnash’s favourite item.

However, that was not the issue currently. The issue was that she just woke up as per normal.

The reason was because she had challenged Ruphas to the best of abilities, lost, then should had died…


“Ohhh, you have awakened, Princess!?”


The one that noticed straight away and reacted to Benetnash awakening was a vampire who had been serving her for the past few hundred years.

That vampire was an individual that was alive even before the first progenitor of the vampire race was changed and had sworn eternal loyalty to the race. Right now, this living witness of the olden times had a slightly distorted face full of wrinkles and was joyful from the bottom of his heart of the fact that his master had opened her eyes.

Furthermore, after hearing him speak, ten vampires came charging into the room with just enough speed so that the doors were not smashed into pieces.

The ten of them were the survivors of the battle from 200 years ago and individually, each of them possessed enough ability to destroy a kingdom on their own.

They were a group named “Ten Blood Ancestors” and it was needlessly evident that it was created and named whilst being conscious of Ruphas’s “Tyrannical Twelve Stars”.[1]

Benetnash was looking at their faces which were overflowing with endless joy, however, there were only confusion and questions inside of her head.


“…. Why am I alive?”

Chibi Benet Rupahs


[1] Ten Blood Ancestors (十血族)


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