Chapter 130 – Teaser (Unedited)

Chapter 130 – Teaser

Raw link: (2016/11/06)

Translator: twomorefreethoughts / TpstT (2019/12/03)

Editor 1: Hand of Vecna (2019//)

Editor 2: Keii (2019//)

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(Author note)

Story until now

Sagittarius: “Because master’s strongest arcane magic is a bow, the value of my existence is disappearing at a super-fast speed. If it’s like this, Ruphas-sama might as well take the title of the [Archer]? …… Wait…? If that’s the case, what’s going to become of me? The Supreme Ruler seat that became empty? I am… the Black-winged Supreme Ruler…. I am actually Ruphas-sama, all this time….?”

Libra: “He’s taken quite a massive damage it seems…”

(Author note end)


(TLN: The whole chapter’s “I/my/me” is written as “yo”. Interpret how you will.)

“You lot are…”


At that moment, I (yo) was feeling surprised and nostalgic.

The four men that stood in my sight were a human, a beastkin, a hobbit and a dwarf respectively.

Even though I should not have known the appearances of the people that were pointing their weapon at me, the “Ruphas” inside of me registered that she knew of them.

At the same time what I felt was a wave of anger which stemmed out of love (OPTIONAL for them). (should I include for them at the end? Or just leave it out? I feel like including for them might be too liberal and gives away too much?)

I quickly gathered my rationality back and held down my anger… however, just by seeing their appearances, I ended up clenching my fist hard.

I was not particularly angry about the fact that I was defeated by them. I was also not feeling resentful against them.

But, why was it? Why? That just be by seeing their miserable appearance, I was overflowing with fury.

Why was it that, just by seeing their appearance of being controlled along with their empty-shelled eyes, I was feeling this disheartened?




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