Chapter 129 – Teaser

Chapter 129 – Pollux Used the Seven Heroes

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Translator: twomorefreethoughts / TpstT (2019/11/26)

Editor 1: Hand of Vecna (2019/12/12)

Editor 2: Keii (2019/12/12)

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(TLN: Reminder that I/my/me with “ore” is MC Ruphas and I/my/me with “yo” is the real Ruphas)

The skill [The One Who Left First (Alkaid)].

I would say that it was a skill that should never have come into existence in this world in the first place.

It was only natural. After all, that skill was bugged.

The reason was because it shattered the level 1000 ceiling set by the Creation Goddess.

By using the skill that I gained… no, that I recalled during the battle against Benetnash, I was able to surpass level 1000 and fly into the realm beyond.

My sensations were enhanced and my consciousness became warlike. I entered a state where hurting others arose no response from me, making my thoughts more violent.

I became less of me (ore) and turned more into me (yo).[1]

Unfortunately, as expected, I was not able to ascend as high as I previously had and my level stopped increasing once it reached level 1500.

It was a lot lower than I was expecting it to be… however, it was still enough for this situation.

After all, the Twelve Stars’ levels would also jump up when my level went up.

The only one to not have her level increased was Libra. Nevertheless, she had her very own method of powering up.

“Armament Selection! [Astraea]!”


[1] From this point onwards, I/my/me is written with “yo”.


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