Chapter 128 – Teaser

Chapter 128 – Teaser

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Translator: twomorefreethoughts / TpstT (2019/11/19)

Editor 1: Hand of Vecna (2019/12/11)

Editor 2: Keii (2019/12/11)

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“Haa… haa…!”

In the sky away from the Land of the Fairies, a pair of demons, a man and a woman, were flying desperately.

No, the expression that two of them were flying was not the correct way to describe what was happening.

It was more correct to say that the man, Terra, was carrying Luna and flying by himself.

There was a big difference in level between Terra and Luna. Therefore, rather than for Luna to fly herself, it was significantly faster for Terra to carry her and fly.

Needless to say, it did not allow Terra to reach his top speed. Furthermore, a terrifying pursuer was closing in on him from behind. 

Its length was 170m. Its weight, 180 000 tonnes.

Its whole body was enveloped in jet black scales and every time its giant wings flapped, it caused a storm just from the motion.

Individually, its giant neck was already majestic and unparalleled, yet there were ten of them in total. As each of its necks was enough to rival ten ordinary dragons, it was nicknamed “The Dragon Which Possessed 100 Heads” in the past.

It was a monster which should no longer have existed in this time and age. It was an existence which should have been subjugated over 200 years ago.

Historically, it dominated a quarter of the world and was a feared existence which stood at the pinnacle of the dragon race that embodied what it meant to be the strongest.

It was an existence which stood alongside the Vampire Princess, the Lion King and the Demon King as the four strongest individuals. Until the moment Ruphas Mafahl came and subjugated it, it was a tyrannical king which flaunted its title as unrivalled in power.

– [The Dragon King] Ladon. A monster which should have long perished from this world, yet currently, it was undoubtedly in this world and was releasing a mighty roar.

And riding on that… was the Fairy Princess Pollux, looking down on Terra and Luna with an icy stare.


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 128 – Teaser

  1. Oh! So the Dragon King was a dragonic hydra of sort. I’m just a bit confused about a few things.
    1- If it’s known as “The Dragon Which Possessed 100 Heads”, then why only 10 necks? For this one, I guess it’s either that each neck branches into 10 smaller necks, bringing the total of heads to 100, or that there’s one head for each of the 10 main necks, and that when cut more heads sprout like with a normal hydra. If it’s the latter, then 100 heads might not be the limit. That however brings the question of who would’ve been powerful enough to cut those heads off in the first place. Due to that possible inconsistency, I think it’s more likely for it to be the former of my two guesses.

    2- If the Dragon King is a dragonic hydra, or just a dragon with many heads, then why did he only have 1 head (and a body to fit having only 1 head) in the Light Novel illustration (that we got in chapter 96) of adventurer Ruphas punching its head? Then then, having just looked at that illustration again, it’s possible that it was only showing one part of the Dragon King’s body, with the illustration simply not showing that it had other necks with heads.

    I’m not sure whether my questions will be answered in the full chapter, but I felt like commenting about it right now.

    Also, are you going to delete the teaser chapter pages (like this one) later when then full chapters are posted?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As for your first question, it’s probably just my poor translation that didn’t bring the effect the author was intending. The author is saying, because each head can equal to 10 dragons, and he has 10 heads, he is like a dragon with 100 heads, in total.
      As for the 2nd part… so umm… idr which volume it was from, so the chances are, that illustration is from a wrong part of the series.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, considering that Pollux can only revive as Argonauts people she herself considers to be heroes, I’d assume that now that the Goddess is in control it’s going to be people that she considers worthy of being “heroes.” Even more so with the Dragon King being revived. I don’t think that’d be possible for Pollux for the same reason she can’t revive the Seven Heroes who betrayed Ruphas.
      As such, I don’t think the Goddess would be able to revive Benet. She can revive the Dragon King due to her regarding him as a worthy pawn, which is how she views all heroes. Benet on the other hand is someone that the Goddess doesn’t like, almost as much as she dislike Ruphas.

      On the other hand, we might get to see a revived Benet when Pollux gets control of her body back.

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