Chapter 127 – Teaser

Chapter 127 – Teaser

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Translator: twomorefreethoughts / TpstT (2019/11/13)

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Notice 1: I’m away overseas from when this chapter goes up, until chapter 130-ish. Chapters (and teasers) will be released on scheduled release but if it fails to be released normally, I’ll release them when I am back home. For these chapters, the teaser and the actual chapter will have a separate URL, since I won’t be able to edit whilst overseas.


(Author note)

* Information regarding the Ring of Time

Although it was declared to be able to stop time itself, in actuality, it only applies “a debuff that makes it feel like the concept of time stopped moving”. Therefore, although it is just a little, time itself is still flowing.

Nevertheless, let alone something that can move at the speed of sound (Mach 1), even those that can move at a speed comparable to lightning (Mach 440) are not able to intrude and react under the debuff.[1]

Notwithstanding, for existences like Ruphas or Benet who can easily enter and operate within such a world, the effects of the ring are useless.

(Author note end)


(TLN: I apologise beforehand, but this chapter is probably a little hard to understand if you’re young or not used to English. The author’s explanation of the skill is unnecessarily convoluted and longwinded. So when I translated that, even though I tried to make it simple, it still feels like a “simple journal article”. That’s another way of saying, “it makes sense but it’s still a pain to read and comprehend”. I included a simplified explanation at the end of the chapter for those that are confused.)


Currently, in front of me, there was the appearance of a man who was in a seiza position… or rather, forced to be in a seiza position.[2]

He was a weak uncle-like man who was serving the guy called Debris or something, the noble who was doing that stupid thing until just a moment ago. He was prostrating and looking downcast after having his face beaten to a pulp.

It was quite a disgusting scene where his nether regions were completely stained and there was a puddle under his feet.


…. Perhaps I went a little too far? By the looks of it, it seems like he’s just a normal person who doesn’t really have any power.


Although… because of what I had heard, I was aware that he was merely executing the orders due to the difference in social standing, so I had pulled my punches back quite a fair amount. Notwithstanding, this was still the aftermath.


Even though I just lightly slapped him.

Well, umm… how do I put this? Let’s just say that he did help out in doing bad things and that because of his actions, there were quite a lot of people that didn’t manage to get away, so… let’s just say it’s just retribution.


As a side note, the guy called Debris or something was healed up just enough to an extent that he wouldn’t drop dead spontaneously, therefore, even though it was barely, he was still alive and breathing.

I emphasise on “just enough so that he won’t die”. After all, if he were to be fully healed, we did not know what he might start doing.

Therefore, he still barely maintained his original shape and did not become an unknown or unrecognizable object.

Additionally, although it was to be expected, I had already confiscated his ring and had no plans to return it to him.

A knife to a fool like an iron club to an oni.[3] It was because nothing good would come out of it even if I were to return it to him.


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