Small notice 2019 Oct 27

Hi everyone, Tp here.

Because of my exam, chapter 116 will be my last chapter of the batch. The rotation will swap a little earlier than usual and Vecna will serve as the main translator for the next 10 chapters.

The plan is;

Chapters 117-126 = Vecna

Chapter 127-140 = TpstT


ETA for the chapter is;

Chapter 116: 2019 Oct 29 (if edits are done)

Chapter 116: 2019 Oct 30 (if edits don’t make it in time)

Chapter 117: I think Nov 3? (I think we’re going back to fixed 4 days interval, will need confirmation from Vecna).


This is just an early notice for whoever cares, there will be more details at the start and at the end of chapter 116.


5 thoughts on “Small notice 2019 Oct 27

      1. You can try the delayed method of studying. I hear if you read something, use mnemonics, spend 5 minutes of longer than try to recall it, it’ll stick longer. I use it when studying Japanese.

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