A Wild Last Boss Appeared Chapter 101 – 110

Hi everyone, Tp here!

I hope this post doesn’t get picked up by Novelupdate’s update bots…


I hope you are all enjoying A Wild Last Boss Appeared! I apologise for all of the delays this batch.

The good news is, from chapter 101 to 110, the Hand of Vecna will be serving as the main translator, so the release rate for the next chapter will be back to the usual 1 chapter every 3 days (I think).

Vecna’s chapters will cover the core content of this current arc and I will be back to transition into the next arc. Would Leon turn out to be a ferocious big cat or a household kitten? Please tune in with Vecna to see!

I hope you guys enjoyed the fight between Ruphas and Benet because there’ll be more to come! The series has officially entered the second half and all the build-ups until this point will start to pay off.

So please show Vecna love and I hope to see you all in chapter 111!


You can find Vecna’s blog HERE!

You can find Vecna’s chapter list HERE!

And think is the link to chapter 101 HERE! ETA for chapter 101 is 2019 August 31.


Please enjoy!


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