A Wild Last Boss Appeared Chapter 98

Hi everyone, Tp here!

Notice 1: Sorry for the delay, a quick reminder that this upcoming week is my mid-sem exam week, so the release might be delayed a little without any prior notice (like this time).

Notice 2: Translation for this chapter is so bad it’s like 1/10… I suck at translating action scenes 😥

Teaser for chapter 99 is also out!



Link to chapter 99 teaser


Please enjoy!

P.s. Any feedback is appreciated!

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TL Disclaimer: This is NOT machine translated, but the dictionary is sometimes used to figure out the kanji.

If there is an error in the translation, website, sentence structure or format please let me know in the comments below or DM me on the discord (PuVvGbT) and I will try my best to fix them. Any constructive feedback is appreciated.

Reminder 1: My comment section doesn’t require you to fill out any details and can leave out all boxes blank (other than the actual comment ofc xD).


One thought on “A Wild Last Boss Appeared Chapter 98

  1. Honestly Ruphas should have just told her that she isn’t fully recovered from being sealed and is still weak.

    It would both be the truth and Benetnash would likely not want to fight her until she was recovered.

    That said, I’m guessing that being put into a strenuous situation like this will cause Ruphas to regain more of her strength.

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