Announcement 03/05/2019

Important announcement

The fastest way to get notified of updates from now on will be through discord. New chapter release will not be listed onto Novelupdates until the subsequent chapter is released (this means it will not show up on the Novelupdates’s homepage). RSS will also be turned off.

The release schedule for chapters 71-80 is one chapter every four days due to my real life scheduling conflict.


2 thoughts on “Announcement 03/05/2019

  1. Why though? Seems excessively obnoxious to require people to go through your discord to get the new chapter. And what do you gain by doing this?

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    1. It’s not a requirement people go through discord.
      It’ll still show up on the novelupdates’s website if you directly look at the “A Wild Last Boss Appeared!” page. It just won’t show up on the main page since it’ll be updated 2-4 days after the release. It’s because the aggregate website’s bots use the novelupdates’s main page to steal the translated content.
      So even after this change, if you can still navigate normally using my website or novelupdate’s page


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