A Wild Last Boss Appeared Chapter 53

Hi everyone, Tp here!

Update 1: I’ve been informed reader mode and the text to speech shows the hidden texts, I’ll reduce the number of them to keep them manageable. I can’t exactly install plugins because on the WordPress, to install plugins, you need to have a business account (which is AUD$30 per month), and considering I barely get like 10 cents per day from the ads… yeah… it’s not a very viable option for me. As for special DNS, etc, the site is not hosted by me but by the WordPress, so I can’t do that too. (And in all honesty, I’m not trying to fight the aggregate websites, but IT IS my intention to annoy readers who read on them… After all, not all of the hidden texts are so obvious to spot, some of them are made to look like part of the story but are not in the raw)

Update 2: I’ve been told people use reader mode for night mode, and asked if there’s a way to change to night mode. From the quick look, no. For the same reason as above, I can’t add night mode without a plugin, and I can’t install a plugin without a business plan. The current theme I have also cannot have a dark background for the central parts, so I can’t change that also. I will browse through other themes but… I quite like the current one because it’s very clean and easy to read for all users.

Reminder 1: Come join the discord server to hang out! https://discord.gg/PuVvGbT

Reminder 2: My comment section doesn’t require you to fill out any details and can leave out all boxes blank (other than the actual comment ofc xD).




Please enjoy!

P.s. Any feedback is appreciated!

Request: Please consider whitelisting the website from adblocker apps, I will really appreciate it, thank you >.<


TL Disclaimer: This is NOT machine translated, but the dictionary is sometimes used to figure out the kanji.

If there is an error in the translation, website, sentence structure or format please let me know in the comments below or DM me on the discord (PuVvGbT) and I will try my best to fix them. Any constructive feedback is appreciated.


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