Announcement – Changes to the blog

Hi everyone, Tp here.

There is a short announcement that I want to make.


Domain change

I have recently (2 days ago) upgraded from free WordPress user to a personal user. I purchased a 2 years subscription.

With it, I got 1 year of a custom domain so my domain has changed from; to

All the old links and pages SHOULD automatically redirect to the new domain, or so WordPress said, but if it does not… err… please wait for 72hours (again that’s what WordPress said). If the problem persists, please let me know.


Advertisement + shameless request

The second thing is, I have applied for advertisement and was approved of it. Sorry to all the readers, please let me be a little bit selfish >.<

Since I had a little opportunity to recover that subscription fee… which was $72AUD (Original price $100, with 10% discount from 2 years subscription + 20% discount from valentine’s day sale), I took it. >.< Hey don’t judge me 😥 I’m tight on budget as a University student 😥

……Though after 24 hours and roughly 4650 views it’s still this;

Advertisement 24h mark


…..So yeah, hahahaha……. ^^;;;; *ahem

Sorry for this and I hope you guys will be understanding.

But yeah, a shameless request, but if you guys don’t mind, please consider whitelisting me from your adblocker app, I will greatly appreciate it (/>.<)/

On a side note, I could have asked for “donations” but I don’t really think it’s fair to the readers to ask for a donation yet not give extra chapter back in return (which realistically, due to the lack of time, I can’t). So I won’t be doing anything like that.


Next chapter of A Wild Last Boss Appeared + short “whatever” news

The next chapter (Chapter 52) of A Wild Last Boss Appeared! will be released on the 18th of February and it will serve as the final chapter of the Maiden arc, so please look forward to it.

The University has restarted and I’m currently stuck in an intensive course (where the whole semester’s worth of work is compressed to 2 weeks), so the translation of chapter 57 is on hold but please don’t worry, everything up to chapter 56 is translated and in reserve. I will try and get chapter 57 ready by the 5th of March so that there’s no delay.


Anyways, enough rambling… that’s all for the announcement.

I hope everyone will have a good time o/

Tp signing off 🙂


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