A Wild Last Boss Appeared Chapter 31

Hi everyone, Tp here!

If you have a few seconds of free time please read the Important Announcement (24-11-2018) regarding this series’ translation!

Update 1: Also, update to the release schedule that Vecna and I have decided; thinking of the long-term we have decided to make the release schedule as 1 chapter every 3 days.

Anywaysss…… (/>.<)/


Please enjoy!

P.s. Any feedback is appreciated!

Request: Please consider whitelisting the website from adblock apps, I will really appreciate it, thank you >.<


TL Disclaimer: This is NOT machine translated, but the dictionary is sometimes used to figure out the kanji.

If there is an error in the translation, website, sentence structure or format please let me know in the comments below or DM me on the discord (PuVvGbT) and I will try my best to fix them. Any constructive feedback is appreciated.


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