A Wild Last Boss Appeared Chapter 30

Hi everyone, Tp here!

If you have a few seconds of free time please read the Important Announcement (24-11-2018) regarding this series’ translation!

Update 1: Also, update to the release schedule that Vecna and I have decided; thinking of the long-term we have decided to make the release schedule as 1 chapter every 3 days.

Update 2: Please don’t take this the wrong way >.< (since it might sound rude, but I have no intention to be) but please don’t post my blog posts linking to Vecna’s pages on the Novelupdates website. Vecna will post them on the Novelupdates himself, and it will be disrespectful of me to post links to these blog posts (with my site’s link) linking to Vecna on the Novelupdates website. I hope it didn’t come across rude, and if it did I’m sorry.

Anywaysss…… (/>.<)/


Please Enjoy, (please say Hi to Venca for me :D)


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