Announcement – Translation for AWLBA (24-11-2018)

Hello everyone, Tp here! A quick announcement regarding translation for A Wild Last Boss Appeared!


As some of you may be aware there is another group (Hands of Vecna) translating A Wild Last Boss Appeared at HERE.

I found out about them while translating chapter 20 from chapter 19’s comment section.

So yesterday, after posting my chapter 20 I got into contact with Vecna to see if it was possible to work in a joint project.


And the result….?

Vecna working together screenshot

We will be splitting the characters between the two of us in the following manner (for now) –> split into 10 Chapters each and alternating between us.

  • Since I am up to chapter 20, and Vecna has stated that the draft up to chapter 26 is done (and currently published up to chapter 22), Vecna will be the main translator from Chapter 21-30 (I will be listing them as they come up in the blog and the Table of Content.
  • I will serve as the main translator from chapter 31-40, and will be translating during the time Vecna is working on the previous 10 (so that release will hopefully be faster!) and will release them once Vecna publishes chapter 30!
  • Then we will again alternate back and forth every 10 chapters (i.e. Vecna will take 41-50 and I will take 51-60, so on and so forth)

To get this to work I will be going back and editing my chapters to match my pronouns (names, places, titles, etc) with the table that he has sent me as I had written my pronouns to match with Shurim or the Manga’s, and he had translated them to match real life names and lores.

I will try to list all the changes here as much as I can remember, (but I might miss 1 or 2 changes >.<)

  • Aldvenus (Manga) –> Alovenus
  • Angel Race (Manga) –> Flugel (Shurim)
  • Beast Race –> Beastkin
  • Exgate (Manga) –> X-Gate (Shurim)
  • Gantz –> Gants
  • Humankind –> Humanoids
  • Mafaal (Manga) –> Mafahl (Shurim)
  • Mankind –> Humanoids
  • Mesaltim (Shurim) –> Mesarthim (real-life lore)
  • Mizaal (Manga) –> Mizar (real-life lore)
  • Suphru (raw) –> Saphur (Shurim)
  • Suvell/Svell (Shurim) –> Svalinn (real-life lore)


-Edit/Update- As for the release schedule, we have decided to make 1 chapter every 3 days.


And here are the links you may need;

[Here is the link to Table of Content for my site]

[Here is the link to Table of Content for Hands of Vecna]

[Here is the link to Chapter 20]

[Here is the link to Chapter 21]

[Here is the link to Chapter 31]



Hands of Vecna and I have teamed up to translate this series, there have been few changes to pronouns I previously used to accommodate that, and we will be alternating as the main translator every 10 chapters (listed and in detail above)

P.S. I will be ready with chapter 31 once Venca publishes chapter 30 so hopefully, chapter 31-40 will be published one after another! Please look forward to it.


14 thoughts on “Announcement – Translation for AWLBA (24-11-2018)

    1. Even though I said collaborating we will each be working quite separately.

      I don’t really know Vecna’s release schedule (though he said he’ll release a new chapter every 2-3 days) and I don’t know if he’ll post it up on the novelupdates list. From the way we were talking about, he most probably will be. In any case, I will try to make a blog post with a link to his chapter when he makes a post just in case and will be adding it to the table of content.

      For my side of things, I will definitely be putting an update on the Novelupdates.
      I’m not too sure about my release schedule either but, if I have the next chapter ready I might try to release 1 new chapter per day; the question will be whether I will have the next chapter ready in time when my schedule gets busy after the Christmas/New Year’s break. (I might even be going overseas so >.<)


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