A Wild Last Boss Appeared Chapter 20

Update 1: So I’ve been made aware in the comments section that there is another group translating this series. I was not aware of this until the last chapter because I had only been checking the Novelupdates website’s list, but it turns out the group was just simply not adding their translation to the website themselves. Now that I have found out this information, I am lost as to what I should do. The other group is a few chapters ahead of me, and I don’t know if there’s really any point in multiple groups translating the same few chapters.

Update 2: I’m working on resolving the part about 2 translator groups working on this series. I have contacted them to ask if they are interested in working together. I plan to have us translating in blocks so that translation is faster! (e.g. chapter 21-30 = Group A, Chapter 31-40 = Group B, Chapter 41-50 = group A etc) Fingers crossed for successful contact 😀

Special thanks to Mabo @maboandgibo.wordpress.com in providing with his draft translation for Chapter 19 and 20. I was able to compare and match with the way he wrote it and it really saved me time. Please give him support at RTD.moe


Request: Please consider whitelisting the website from adblock apps, I will really appreciate it, thank you >.<


TL Disclaimer: This is NOT machine translated, but the dictionary is sometimes used to figure out the kanji.

If there is an error in the translation, website, sentence structure or format please let me know in the comments below or DM me on the discord (PuVvGbT) and I will try my best to fix them. Any constructive feedback is appreciated.


Please enjoy!

P.s. Any feedback is appreciated!


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