A Wild Boss Last Appeared Chapter 17

Here is the link to Chapter 17

TL Introduction: Hello fellow readers, Tp here! I read “A Wild Last Boss Appeared” sometime last year and really enjoyed the series as a whole; I particularly liked how it was succinct with 192 chapters plus an epilogue, yet still managed to tell a story that was wild enough while managing to keep plot holes to a minimum. Since I have some free time during the New Year’s break, I thought I would like to share this wild experience with others.

Disclaimer: I’m just another fan trying to translate a series that I enjoyed. I don’t have any experience in translating anything, nor am I great at either English or Japanese (I’ve only studied a little bit of Japanese in the past). If anything, I plan to use this translation project to try and improve my English itself. I DON’T use machine translation but will probably be using a fair chunk of the dictionary here and there to figure out the kanji. If there are any puns, jokes or slang used by the author, I’m afraid I will probably not be able to bring out the effect that the author intended.

I will try and stick with the literal translation as much as possible, only changing it a little bit if the literal translation will not make sense. If there is anything I don’t understand, I will do my best to try and figure it out, or leave a (Japanese text) after the translated version of what I took it to mean. If there is an error in the translation, website or even in my sentence structures themselves (or anything else for that matter), please let me know in the comments below or DM me on discord and I will try my best to fix them.

Extra: I currently don’t have a release schedule but if I ever come up with one I’ll let you know. Many readers continuing from Shurim’s high-quality translations might be disappointed in my version but I hope you will give me support! – I assume by now you guys skipped this stupidly long introduction so let’s get into the translation.

Request: Please consider whitelisting the website from adblock apps, I will really appreciate it, thank you >.<

Please enjoy.

P.s. any feedback is appreciated!


2 thoughts on “A Wild Boss Last Appeared Chapter 17

  1. Since I can’t seem to leave a post in the actual chapter : thanks for picking up this series! I too also enjoy this series and have been looking forward to an English translation of it.

    You mentioned that you weren’t the greatest at English but having read the chapter itself — it was absolutely fine. A job well done!

    P.S. I also read all of what you said above, don’t abuse Dictionary-San too badly!


    1. Oh sorry, I’m quite new to the “posting” side and was always on the reading side, I didn’t realise you couldn’t comment it on the actual chapter. I’ll try and figure it out (maybe when I wake up >.< 1:30am already haha)
      Thank you for that, I've been living in Australia past few years but I moved around a lot (different countries) that in the end I can understand them but isn't really proficient in any of them.
      Yeah no problem, the dictionary is only really used to figure out what the kanji means because.. well Kanji can be so confusing 😥

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